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Friday, April 14, 2006

The MJ-12 Diversion


The Majestic Twelve documents have not been documented; that is, their provenance hasn’t been determined in a way that authenticates them.

Fraudulent or real, the MJ-12 papers have taken some key ufologists (Stanton Friedman for one) for a ride outside the phenomenon. And MJ-12 is actually peripheral to the UFO mystery.

Ufologists who see the documents as the smoking gun of government cover-up (the Cosmic Watergate that Friedman alleges) miss the point, as usual.

Whether or not MJ-12 existed or exists, that determination does not resolve the UFO enigma; it merely provides circumstantial evidence that UFOs (or flying saucers actually) have been captured and studied by the government of The United States. It doesn’t go to the heart of the UFO mystery: what are they, and why have they shown up in Earth’s skies, for many years preceding the government that appears to hold their secret(s).

Ufologists (like Friedman) have been diverted by those MJ-12 documents. If ufologists can’t prove they are a hoax or real, what chance do they (ufologists) have in solving the UFO riddle?

How is it not possible to track down the originator of the documents if they are a concoction by one person or a few who made them up to dupe the UFO community?

Are the hoaxers that brilliant that they have been able to elude the FBI and supposedly astute ufologists (like Friedman, Hall, Clark, Randle, Maccabee, et al.) for all the years since their appearance?

If the documents are real, how is it that no one has been able to definitively authenticate them? The UFOs themselves are harder to discern, so if the MJ-12 papers avoid authentication, how much harder will it be (and has been) to discern what UFOs are?

The study of UFOs, as a psychologist sees it, is an escape from reality – even for those who maintain that UFOs represent a mega-reality.

The study of MJ-12 is an escape, as a psychologist sees it, into reality: the escape from real reality to a contrived reality, one established to pretend a person is dealing with some aspect of real life but who has actually escaped into a fantasy world that has nothing to do with the reality of everyday living.

MJ-12 is a diversion, and has been a diversion, but it continues to consume ufologists, who won’t, or can’t, fathom the thing that MJ-12 purports to deal with: UFOs.


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