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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Quantum factor and UFOs


Modern observations of UFOs (flying saucers also) have not impacted and do not impact observers of the phenomenon.

Even some ancient sightings and events, many of a profound nature, did not impact those who were part of those sightings or events.

We surmise that only those who are astute enough to understand the significance of what they have experienced will alter their lives because of their experience.

For instance, the ancient Hebrews, if Biblical accounts are true (and we think they are, generally), saw strange objects in the sky but were unaccountably not affected by those observations.

On the other hand, some Biblical dignitaries were affected by the things they saw or encountered.

In Exodus, Moses was led by a UFO during the days and nights while he searched for the Promised Land. [Exodus, 13:21-22]

He performed “miracles” under the aegis of those UFOs or the occupants of them. But his Hebrew followers ignored the sightings, choosing to rebel against Moses in several instances, as they were not impacted by the UFO appearance(s).

Some Hebrews became prophets or accentuated their religious zeal after their encounters with UFOs or the beings inside them: Enoch, Ezekiel, Elias, St. Paul.

Roman Emperor Constantine, after a sighting of a UFO during battle [312 A.D.], saw his UFO as a sign of the cross and connected it to Jesus/Christ, making Christianity the state religion of Rome, a complete overthrow of the mystery religions that permeated the Empire and the many deities reflected in the rites of those religions. The rest is history as they say.

In Quantum theory (mechanics), the observation (measurement) of an event (experiment) is said to alter that event (experiment).

The Schrodinger Cat analogy doesn’t clarify the point but examples what the Quantum interpretation means somewhat.

When a person sees a UFO or experiences one dramatically, or is even “abducted” by those who supposedly inhabit those UFOs, they should be altered by the event, significantly altered by it. Virtually all are not.

And the UFO (or occupants) should be altered by the human observation.

UFOs seems to be affected by affected by heir measurement/observation – radar causes them to alter course or seven structure. Photography makes them disappear. Pilot sightings make UFOs vary their seeming flight plans….the Washington D.C. sightings of 1952, the Gorman episode of 1948, the Coyne encounter of 1973, et cetera .

And some of the persons having a UFO sighting (or related event, such as an otherworldly appearance or abduction) were profoundly [sic] affected by that sighting (event): Ezekiel, Elias, Jesus/Christ (the Transfiguration), Emperor Constantine (as mentioned above), Mohammed, Joan of Arc, Mormon founder Joseph Smith, et al.

Were the UFOs or “intruders” impacted/affected? We do not and cannot know.

But we do know that modern recipients of visitations or sightings have not been affected in a serious way by their experience. Virtually all of those abducted or viewing a UFO,
such as Reverend Gill and his cohorts in Papua New Guinea. April 1959, were not or have not been unduly, existentially impacted.

The Gill encounter/sighting was described in a way that indicated something truly alien and bizarre took place, but the good Reverend and his minions went back to their daily routine, at one point even going to supper as one sighting was still ongoing where occupants of the craft seen by Gill and others actually waved back at those observing them.

While UFOs seem to be affected by their observation or measurement, those doing the observation or measurement are not affected, not in an appreciable way.

Abductees go back to their humdrum jobs, some lightly proselytizing about their experience, but none becoming prophets (like those Old Testament observers) or warriors (like Joan of Arc).

The observation of UFOs – the measurement of them as it were – should change them, and seems to. And those who are being observed by UFOs (or “abducted” by those who pilot them) should concurrently be affected or changed by their being observed (or measured, as is the descriptions of the “medical” procedures performed on them in situ), but this is not the case.

Abductees and UFO sighters, like those ancient Hebrews or the disciples of Jesus, are not affected, in a profound way, by their unique or strange encounter/sighting.

The Quantum maxim doesn’t seem to be operating when it comes to UFOs, at last not as far as the human part of the maxim is concerned.

So one can, it seems to us, discount abductee stories, which may be real however, or the visualization of strange lights and objects in the skies since, like Schrodinger’s cat, neither phenomena really amounts to anything worthwhile apparently.


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