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Friday, April 21, 2006

Ten years hence....

Where will the UFO phenomenon be in ten years? What about the ufologists who rule the UFO roost at the moment?

Ufology, a pseudo-science surely, will be a dead donkey in 2016, since sophisticated persons interested in UFOs will have accepted the evanescent nature of UFOs and relegated the phenomenon to a quasi-historical footnote when accessing aircraft, meteorological phenomena, and bizarre mysteries of the past 100 years.

Ufologists? The current crop?

The lesser lights will never be remembered, since most are even acknowledged now, even though they are trying mightily to get noticed by the public, the military, various governments, and media, without success obviously.

When UFOs are accessed via a new internet, some names will show up somewhat prominently: Keyhoe, Adamski, the Hills, Mantell, von Daniken, Friedman, et al.

Writers such as Jerome Clark will get a weak nod. UFO ancient Richard Hall might get a note but it’s unlikely. He’s been too low-profile, and non-descript outside the UFO community. Even media eschews the man.

The demise of UFOs or its slide into obscure arcanity is being hastened by the slovenly investigation by amateurs and those who use the phenomenon to pump up their vapid lives and even more vapid egos.

Now some pretenders to the UFO throne will blow smoke about the demise of UFOs as an interesting or relevant existential topic, but that is grist for the ineffectual group.

As for those serious about the phenomenon, they will insist UFOs are still pertinent, but they are in a state of severe denial. After all, they can’t admit that what they’ve sunk their lives into has been for naught – and a serious naught at that.

Ten years out no one even with a smidgen of UFO cachet now will be noted or known.

Fame is fleeting, even more so than the UFOs that have bewitched a deluded segment of humanity.


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