UFO Conjecture(s)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The UFO cultural and religious lacunae


Nowhere in the UFO literature resides any cultural references when UFOs (flying saucers) are described, by sighters or abductees particularly.

No art. No music. No sculpture. No fashion.

This lack of cultural elements belie the UFO stories or are indicative of a pragmatism that bodes ill for humans should UFOs be the vanguard of an alien race.

The lack of religious iconology is also significant, showing either a race, or races, that have no or different religious links than human beings have. The Jesus event may be unique to the Earth but a metaphysical God or gods would not be.

If UFOs are paranormal, as Jacques seems to believe, where are the religious accoutrements? That is, if UFOs represent and interactive or parallel reality, why do not religious elements or symbolisms appear, since religion is the substrate of human existence?

The cold, analytical scrutiny of abductees, such as Betty and Barney Hill (and others) is without the generally compassionate approach of those who perform medical or scientific procedures on humans and animals in this world.

The lack of any visible or aural artifacts that would signify something humane is troubling, unless…

…unless UFOs are a benign phenomenon, or something uniquely hallucinatory.

But if UFOs were hallucinatory, there would surely seem to be room for hallucinations that incorporated religious symbolism since the persons experiencing the UFOs (or abducted by them) would be under a kind of duress that would evoke a cry for help from one’s God, a panic-oriented prayer at the very least.

If UFOs are benign, or fragments of a parallel reality, then one might attribute the lack of cultural elements to a radically different existence, since Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare all derive from their profound humanity.

But this lack of cultural artifacts in the UFO litany of sightings and encounters is one of the factors that make the UFO phenomenon so strange. UFOs do not follow proscribed behaviors or appearances, whether they are alien or man-made.

Symbols allegedly seen on flying saucers/disks have always had a human-like similarity about them; none have been so strange as to warrant a conclusion that the symbols were made by extraterrestrial entities.

The occasional sounds reported by some about the beings they supposedly encountered (in situ or by abduction) are never described as musical or inflected.

Aside from Betty Hill’s “Star Map,” no one has reported an image hanging on a UFO wall or seen a design attached to uniforms that could be called esthetic. Moreover, the uniforms described have always been couched in prosaic terms.

No one has heard what could be called a musical refrain or instrumental sound, just the mechanical whirring of a UFO landing or taking off, or the high-pitched noise of a probing device.

It’s this lack of esthetic and/or religious configuration that confounds, but could prove worthy of investigation should some ufologist take it upon himself or herself to pursue the matter….since it’s always the little things, the circumstantial things that provide proof of reality, mundane or otherwise.