UFO Conjectures

Monday, October 23, 2006

Only circumstantial


The UFO phenomenon (or phenomena, if you will) is as unidentified and/or unexplained as it has been since the onslaught of modern “sightings” in 1947.

Yes, eyewitness testimony is rampant and often intriguing, but there has been no tangible evidence to make concrete the UFO reality – no debris (from supposed crashes), no authenticated photographs, film, or video, and no traces or vestiges than can be ascribed to a phenomenon that actually exists.

Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of “flying saucers” sailing over the Tacoma, Washington mountains in 1947, which kicked off the modern UFO era, is open to interpretation.

(Some have posited comets, advanced Naval aircraft, even pelicans as the progenitors of Mr. Arnold’s vision.)

And the alleged 1947 Roswell crash is fraught with often contradictory testimony and no one has any photographs, let alone actual remnants, of the purported crash of alien or any other kind of flying ships that have been the hallmark of much speculation by flying saucer aficionados.

Even today with all the digital cameras (still and video) extant, no one has produced anything that can be definitively said to be a unique craft from elsewhere in the universe or here on Earth,

The argument that the government of the United States (and other countries) have recovered or captured flying discs doesn’t resonate since no country, including the U.S., has produced a prototypical aircraft resembling what UFO spotters have described for sixty years now.

Moreover, the detailed “classic sightings” – Socorro/Zamora (in 1964), the Washington National Airport. radar episode of 1952, Tehran 1976, et cetera – are all flummoxed by disparate details and flawed investigation techniques (such as the non-clarification of Lonnie Zamora’s eyesight which compromised his “sighting” of beings and a strange craft in the Socorro “landing”).

Also, the ballyhooed abduction cases, for which the Betty/Barney Hill 1961 account is archetypal, leave much to be desired in the way of credibility or specific reminiscence: all the tales have a patina of phantasmagoria about them.

UFOs are elusive, surely, but with all the proffered sightings over the years, and all the technical gear available, and often at hand, by those doing the sightings, nothing has been produced that provides teeth for science or even common verisimilitude.

The sightings and abductions are not necessarily bogus, just without substantive proof - -circumstantial as it were…..