UFO Conjectures

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Proof of UFO extinction?


Look at this video from a 1963 film of a true UFO in the skies over Colorado:


This UFO was spotted forty-three years ago. Since that time, even with all the cameras (video, still, digital) extant, no other UFO – flying disk or flying saucers aside – has been captured that has the same specificity as the one you just viewed.

Yes, there have been images captured (some hoaxed) that look like balloons wafting in the wind, or amorphous lights, but nothing as unique as the UFO pictured here.

Why not? Because UFOs, for all practical purposes, are extinct, or gone into hiding, like God.

UFOs are still around, but not authentic UFOs; just those that are the remnants of the quantum imagination, which we’ll discuss upcoming, along with our view about flying saucers, which do exist, and can be readily explained