UFO Conjectures

Monday, November 27, 2006

The UFO phenomena [sic]


In researching UFOs, one has to categorize the many faceted phenomenon.

Flying disks, for example, are very likely misidentified Earth prototypical craft.

Flying saucers may be or may have been alien craft.

UFOs are anomalous (to the retina and mind) images provoked by a slew of possibilities.

Our opinion is that UFOs, while continuing to show up for some, are defunct as a concrete phenomenon, extinct for scientific and practical purposes.

The intangibility of UFOs smack of quantum artifacts – particles with the attribute of waves, non-substantial as it were.

UFOs cannot be made real in any sense of the word since they are affected by their observation or measurement; that is, they are altered or made “visible” by the instruments observing them. They do not exist, like quantum artifacts, in any one place (they are non-local) or at any one measurable moment in time. They do not exist in space or time as we know it.

UFO mavens, by the very nature of their non-scientific approach to the subject, have beclouded the phenomenon.

The disparate banalities of those who long ago took over the topic of flying saucers and/or UFOs have prevented right-minded, disciplined persons (including scientists) from burrowing into the phenomenon, lest they be tarred by the often egotistical ramblings of the subliminally insane element holding sway in the UFO universe.

Therefore, today we find UFOs extinct, as a real reality. It only exists in the quantum world, alive or dead, depending upon the observer, the measurement. It no longer exists in the real world, and hasn’t for several years now.

There have been no recent – and that’s the word we’re accenting: recent -- film or video of UFOs that resonate as images of a real phenomenon – structured or otherwise.

There has been no conclusive resolution of some major UFO/flying saucer events: Roswell in particular and Kenneth Arnold’s slippery observation of 1947 for example.

(The Lonnie Zamora/Socorro episode of 1964 has been solved. He saw a Hughes Aircraft test vehicle.)

Those still in the thrall of UFOs have fallen back on the old events because there are no new UFO events equatable with the older episodes. UFOs are dead.

That’s the reality, and we don’t mean a quantum reality.