UFO Conjectures

Friday, December 08, 2006

The UFO Reality


Despite what UFO mavens proclaim, the UFO enigma is long on anecdotes and short on evidence.

There is no best evidence for UFOs. There are evidential traces of unknown images, even solid craft, but those traces are miniscule, to the point of irrelevancy.

The infamous Roswell event (events?) is beclouded with nothing more than a newspaper headline, balloon explanation, feeble witness accounts, and hoaxing.

There are no debris remnants, no photographs of the supposed crashed craft(s) or the alleged entities inside.

The “crash site” remains elusive, and there is no habeas corpus – none whatsoever.

But “ufologists” persist in rehashing the Roswellian dead horse.

Nothing more can be mined from the Roswell incident. The matter is depleted, completely and irrevocably.

And what can be said of Roswell can be said with even more vehemence about every other UFO sighting or event, past and present.

UFOs are extinct, as we maintain, even though a pastiche of strange but inconsequential sightings recur now and again.

And to persist in hoping governments will come forth with an explanation or material that they’ve deemed “secret” (for some bureaucratic reason) is foolish beyond laughter.

UFO die-hards bemoan the dearth of young persons interested in UFOs. But what do UFOs offer?

There is no practical benefit to a conclusive denouement about the things.

And what social benefit is there for young people in pursuing the matter? The UFO codgers will vilify innocent or naïve questioning and suggestions.

The middle-age proponents of UFO reality are dorks and nerds, without social graces or intellectual acumen, often strutting peripheral information that is either arcane or trivial.

Youngsters can’t be wooed by the likes of those holding down the UFO fort.

Scientists, long ago, decided to abandon the UFO field when its spokesman was the discredited (by the public) J. Allen Hynek – an archetypal dweeb whose investigations and research into the phenomenon were saddled by incompetence and non-rigorous discipline.

And today, one only need go to various UFO web-sites, conferences, or blogs to find a panoply of deranged individuals, hugging a dream that some have made nightmarish with their rants and insane proselytizing.

The UFO reality is that madness has taken control of the enigma, which is exactly what the enigma has wanted all along perhaps.