UFO Conjectures

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The UFO Questions


Why don’t UFOs appear when there are professional photographers, videographers, or film-makers -- with cameras in hand – at the ready (to captured a picture of them)?

Where are the sightings of distinct objects by credible groups of people in crowd situations (sporting events, New Year revelries, military confrontations, et cetera)?

Why has no flying disk ever “crashed” in a highly populated area?

Where are the government photos or personal snapshots of the Roswell event: the alleged landing/crash site, the debris, the balloon remnants (other than the pitiful Ramey detritus), the creatures, the military presence, et cetera?

Why don’t persons “abducted” by alien creatures alter their life-styles appreciably or significantly after their experience.

Why aren’t UFO spotters affected is such a way as to alter their life-styles somewhat?

Why do people hoax the phenomenon, especially when there is little or no reward or doing so?

Why do “ufologists” lack the scientific passion to research UFO events, instead choosing to perform perfunctory “investigations” rather than bringing a disciplined scrutiny to their quest?

Why do “ufologists” spend enormous amounts of time rehashing the minutiae of past UFO episodes?

What is the psychological mechanism that keeps UFO mavens interested in UFOs when the things have eluded explanation for sixty years (or more) and have all but disappeared from objective reality and the general human psyche?