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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The O'Hare UFO Hysteria


Many in the UFO community are absolutely giddy about the November 7th sighting (alleged sighting) of a UFO at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Whether or not a bona fide UFO was sighted remains to be determined. But since media, the public, and late-night comics have had and are having a go at the incident, it becomes one more nail in the coffin of UFO legitimacy.

A rock that fell from the sky and landed in inside a house the first week of January [2007] was dubbed a UFO – unidentified falling object by ABC news (GMA).

Jay Leno had a few jokes about the O’Hare episode [1/3/07] as did a number of other pundits and jokers.

The episode has become a laughing stock, and further emasculates the UFO phenomenon, which remains as elusive as ever, and now relegated to the bottom of society’s concerns, except as a joke stimulator.

Ufologists are grasping at the O’Hare fiasco in the hope that it revives the phenomenon and interest in it.

Some are flaunting their aviation and meteorological expertise to explain the (alleged) hole in the clouds that the thing made when it departed the Chicago airport.

Some have raised an FAA conspiracy angle, a general cover-up by media and airport agencies, plus a fear on the part of witnesses to tell the public what they saw (or think they saw).

This episode is just the most recent in a rash of episodes that brings opprobrium and ridicule to the UFO myth (or reality if you will).

It sinks the phenomenon further into the morass of fads that media and the public gloms on to, before both media and the public move on to other nonsense.

The UFO community’s delusion of a resurrected interest in UFOs is as misplaced as the all the copy being invested in by UFO diehards and persons seeking their daily dose of silliness (to enliven their boring, petty lives).


  • "Stones do not fall from the sky, therefore you could not have seen a stone fall from the sky."
    - Official church position on the question of purported "thunderstones" in the 18th century

    In an ancient parable a frog tells a fish all about the world above the surface of the water. The fish, of course, pronounces the frog insane.

    According to Carlton Pryor, a professor of astronomy at Rutgers University, approximately 20 to 50 rock-like objects fall to the Earth's surface every day. Have you ever seen one fall? Know anyone who has? Ever seen a photo or film of a meteor that couldn't be written off as a hoax, explained away as ball lightning or a plane crash, or (more typically) simply brushed under the rug?

    Ridicule has the power to silence the most resolute voice.

    Your reasoning re UFOs (which you still seem implicitly to define as alien space craft) has no more validity than the skeptical fish's re dry land, or the learned church fathers' re "thunderstones" - so why do you continue to waste bandwidth with your useless scribblings?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, January 07, 2007  

  • No discovery has ever come from something that was socially ridiculed- progress, as a rule, comes from nowhere but the mainstream. Besides, I've always trusted Jay Leno to tell me what I should and shouldn't believe in the past, so why stop now right?

    By Blogger Brandon, at Thursday, May 15, 2008  

  • How boring and petty does a person's life have to be for them to take pleasure in sitting around dissecting other people's boring, petty lives?
    Just asking.

    By Blogger drsivana99, at Saturday, October 11, 2008  

  • I was traveling from Ohio to New Jersey the night that the rock fell through the roof of the people's home in Freehold. My wife and I witnessed a series of UFOs flying in front of us (NJ) for about an hour. Even the police were pulled over on the highway with cameras taking pictures of what we were seeing. We saw several UFO like objects that were huge in size (compared them to airplanes we later saw flying). What connects the stories of the rock and the incident in IL is that these UFOs shot upwards into the sky and leaving a gas like cloud streak which more than likely turned into the hard materials that fell. Also, a number of these things flew up into a huge slower moving, cloud like ship traveling West that sounds similar to what was seen in Illinois. We were certain that it would be on the news that night when we arrived in NJ. However, NOTHING. The next day the media gave us this rock. The US is going to keep this shit silent until we are invaded and unprepared. I haven't said anything about these events to anyone until now. My wife and I tried to debunk the light show ourselves for reasons of sanity. Yet, the fact remains that we witnessed what we witnessed. I truly believe that the people who witness this stuff are only seeking the truth.

    By Blogger Luana, at Monday, December 08, 2008  

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