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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

UFOs -- the Navy and SETI


Ufologists have always concentrated on getting information about UFOs from the Air Force when they should have been checking for that information from within the United States Navy structure, especially the various Naval Research Centers.

While SETI is checking for intelligent signals from alien worlds elsewhere in the galaxy and universe, the United States Navy has been conducting communication experiments in space and under seas, and has directed communication probes at UFOs, in the air and under water.

(Because some bloggers and ufologists have been taking material from this blog and putting it on their sites, without attribution and as if it were their own, we’ve put the documentation at our password protected UFO web-site, accessible to bona fide reasearhers who can get the password by dropping us a line at our e-mail address: rrrgroup@gmail.com).

SETI’s mistake continues to be the idea that alien cultures will have developed and still use an archaic form of communication (radio signals) whereas the Navy has opted to pursue the hypothesis that alien civilizations and their space craft might be using advanced forms of communication: optical primarily, but also arcane methodologies, such as pulse modulations or quantum wells that are encoded.

(For access to papers, including the patent by the Navy of a device to ferret out signals from anomalous artifacts traversing the oceans, ask for access to our UFO web-site.)

The Navy has always been connected to UFO investigation, and the UFO community’s dereliction in pursuing Navy records and activity goes to show why we (and others) continue to condemn ufologists for their slovenly and inept efforts.

That aside, to assuage the thin-skinned crowd who dislike any observation that belittles ufology or the paranormal, real investigators of unidentified aerial (and underwater) phenomena would do well to direct their “research” (as lame as it often is) in the direction of the United States Navy, going back as far as 1946, when it and the Army Air Force were pursuing strange objects in the skies, and doing so seriously.

They might finally hit paydirt…


  • In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

    By Blogger Provident 360, at Friday, March 23, 2007  

  • Could you please email the document to be posted on my not-for-profit, ad-free blog at http://22050hz.blogspot.com?

    Please email us at 22050hz@gmail.com, thank you.

    I will of course provide a link back to you.


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