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Friday, February 09, 2007

Where are the UFO occupants?

Jacques Vallee imagines that UFO entities look something like these represented here…





And everyone is familiar with the Roswell/Betty Hill/Walton kind of occupant….




Then there is the Pascagoula entity…


And there are dozens of other representations of flying saucer (UFO) occupants – no photos (real ones that is) but lots of drawings.

But we question why there is a dearth of occupant sightings nowadays. Yes, some UFOs continue to be seen, but why aren’t the “occupants” disembarking, as they did in the good ol’ days?


  • Where are the `occupants' like in the good old days? The question on the face of it is a little `off' IMHO.

    `Waves & Waves' of UFO reports in the 50's produced a handful of `occupant' stories. If one does a search of the internet; it's not s hard to find `occupants' stories - such as in several South America cases.

    That said, your point is well taken that `few to none' of the UFO's seem to be occupied (no biological entity could survive the thrust seen by these craft). Does that mean that the `craft' itself either has consciousness - or that it is being controlled from a remote location? You tell me. Perhaps the craft IS the occupant.

    Also, stories such as on the Skinwalker ranch would suggest that looking for `occupants' on physical crafts may not be needed at all - portals being the prefered method of travel for entities it seems.

    I also want to say that videos such as the most recent lake erie video of anomalous lights in the sky shown on Fox this month -- are IMHO (in my humble opinion) most likely Tulpas. Tulpas will NOT have an occupant (in any normal sense).

    By Blogger m4ever, at Saturday, February 10, 2007  

  • I don't understand what you are talking about. Oh I know you mean "Amercia". If they land somewhere else it doesn't count like: Mexico Or Argentenia Or Brazil.

    They have had massive waves of landing and aliens.

    We are not the world
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Mattes

    By Blogger UFO Media Matters, at Saturday, February 10, 2007  

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