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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Common Sense and UFOs


The problem that has always confronted UFO enthusiasts is that the field (ufology as it’s preposterously misnamed) is rife with those who look at (and have looked at) the enigma with belief-blinders on.

For example, night sightings of UFOs invariably indicate the observer has seen green, red, white or yellow, blinking lights, (sometimes blue): a clue that the UFO is something prosaic, like an airplane or dirigible.

Other worldly craft would, in all likelihood, not have the same authenticating beacons established by agencies to protect aircraft in the skies of Earth.

Moreover, what alien culture would have the identical color spectrum as that of Earth? The odds against a similar retinal response between extraterrestrials and Earthlings are phenomenally long.

If anything, a real alien visitation would be of such a strange magnitude that observers would not be able to readily explain it or, perhaps, even visualize it.

And what about so-called alien abductions?

Would an alien presence need to slink into bedrooms to take humans for a medical examination when persons walking, running, driving alone are readily available for the taking, without the fuss of teleportation through bedroom walls?

(The Betty/Barney Hill, Travis Walton, Pascagoula violations establish the template for alien kidnappings, but even those incidents are not without their problems of coherence.)

The sightings of daytime UFOs (flying saucers) are often misinterpretations of unusual aircraft (as we note elsewhere) or mundane phenomena (birds, clouds, wind-blown debris, balloons, meteorological quirks, et cetera).

But what about radar returns that indicate a faster-than-possible Earth aircraft or the immediate abrupt changes (180 degree turns ) that are often reported? Or pilot visualizations that have an air of accuracy about them?

Commons sense leaves in those instances, and a new study paradigm must be invoked.

Yet, the vast majority of UFO fanatics will not, cannot, undertake the intense scrutiny of such reported events as they (the fanatics) are often (usually) locked in debates about sighting minutiae which has little chance of explaining the thing that was picked up by radar or seen by observers (pilots, for instance) who have the acumen to decipher what they saw or measured.

Common sense is elusive in the UFO community; just take a dip into the ramblings at UFO UpDates or read the comments of bloggers, who prefer camaraderie to the pursuit of truth -- this side, or the other side.


  • I like your comments, because I fully support a greater degree of critical-mindedness in the study of the ufo phenomenon. But I feel I must comment on some mistakes in reasoning that I see in your exposition.

    One of the big mistakes I've seen made by ufo investigators (and anyone who wants to get at the truth of a mysterious phenomenon) is assumptions. By making statements about "ufos not having beacon lights" and "ufos not being in our color spectrum", this is considered to be applying critical thinking to the subject, but you're actually operating under fundamental assumptions.

    For one, you are assuming in these statements that the ufo phenomenon = alien visitors from another world. Second, you are assuming that these alien visitors do not wish to be seen, or have perhaps just "popped in on us" to observe. It's true, if the ufo phenomenon is indeed alien visitors who are periodically checking on us incognito, then these traits certainly do not make sense. But no one has the proof, at least to my knowledge, that ufos are alien visitors from another planet.

    Even your comments on "alien abductions" are founded on assumptions. Why is abducting a lone runner less "fussy" than abducting a sleeping person? Why is teleportation fussy?

    Someone from another country might ask why Americans go through the fuss of driving 2 blocks to the store instead of just walking.

    What I'm saying here is I don't think it's very profitable to try and "get into the head" of whatever is behind this phenomenon, because we honestly don't know what is behind this phenomenon. There are still dozens of possible explanations as I see it, and I suspect that the reality is more than one of them.

    I am a proponent of simply collecting the information from people's sightings and encounters, and attempting to recognize patterns without applying any sort of assumptions.

    By Blogger Brandon, at Friday, March 09, 2007  

  • Brandon,

    All we have are assumptions, about UFOs (God, and a myriad of other things).

    For an alien culture to have lights of the same color as those required for Earth aircraft, and blinking besides, stretches credulity (in the extraterrestrial hypothesis).

    But your options are possible, surely, so we won't dispense with them.

    As for alien abductions....

    Why intrude on sleepers when there are so many other ways to abduct human beings.

    Stepping outside urban areas, where abductions mostly occur, UFO kidnappers have a wealth of humans to pick from, and not just here in America.

    But who knows what's in the mind of the beings who are kidnapping, or those who think they have been?

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 09, 2007  

  • UFO's are real it's some of the people in Ufology that are not. As far as I'm concerned all the UFO's pictures from the 50's can just stay lost what a waste of time. They have all been looked at. Ufology needs to move forward and brake away from that go no where garbage that is force fed to us year after year after year after year...... beware of some in the Ufology camp as they are greedy sell outs trying to hold us back. Beware the ones that over promote new weak cases and neglect good new cases. Example: Weak case (Chicago case) Good case (North Carolina Nuclear Power Plant case.) Stop buying books on cases where already dozens of books have been written as that is where the BS information starts to keep selling you books. The consumer has the control to force people to look at other cases by refusing to look anymore at old ones. It is time to move on for the sake of TRUTH and beware of the con's that are out there friends.

    By Anonymous WM, at Saturday, March 10, 2007  

  • Common sense only requires the following exercise: Ask yourself how many times you have been abducted personally? How many times have you personaly recorded on camera a UFO? How many times have you personally seen a UFO? How many of your family have had the said experiences? How many personal friends have had the said experiences?
    I have yet to find ANYONE who can truly answer 'yes' to any of these. Our entire knowledge and experience of the phenomenon comes from the media. We are being programmed for some unknown reason by the mass-media. Perhaps to usher in a new age religion to replace the crumbling disorder of the end of monotheism? Avoid all this nonsense easily by merely trusting in your own personal experiences and refuting non-founded beliefs and faith.

    By Anonymous ==J@$0N==, at Sunday, October 10, 2010  

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