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Monday, March 26, 2007

God, UFOs, and Stanton Friedman


Allegedly God intervened on behalf of the Hebrew peoples when they were freed by the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses, as recounted in Exodus of The Old Testament.

But that’s been about it.

God didn’t prevent further pogroms, and wasn’t visible during their attempted obliteration by Hitler.

And what about the various indigenous Indians of the Americas who were massacred by Spanish conquistadors and colonial settlers?

Where was God then?

But what about UFOs? Where were they, and where are they during assaults on humankind?

Even if one discounts early historical references to strange aircraft in the skies over Earth, one can’t avoid the anecdotal accounts of UFOs during recent wars (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, et cetera) nor their supposed presence during the devastation of peoples by marauding armies (as in China during the Mao years) or Darfur (today).

UFOs, like God, do not intervene in catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes, and the like) and UFOs do not attempt to save people in dire circumstances.

They do appear innocuously and sporadically but for no apparent reason and to no human avail.

And what does this have to do with Stanton Friedman? Well, Mr. Friedman is the archetypal extraterrestrial ufologist: he believes UFOs are visitors from other worlds, with purposes unknown (thus far) by human beings.

Mr. Friedman, like the Hebrews after Exodus and the Darfurians now, hopes that UFOs will save mankind from itself we’re guessing, or UFOs will provide an epiphany of some kind for Earthlings.

But that hope is what went by the wayside for the Mongolians and Tibetans as they were being slaughtered by their Chinese neighbors, as it has for many peoples of the World who have been subjected to cruelties and horrific inhumanities in the modern era, when UFOs are said to actually exist, by way of the evidence, as cited by Mr. Friedman (and others).

And UFOs, if one accepts their ubiquitous presence from 1947 to today, have not, affected and, it seems, will not affect, a behavior that might alleviate human suffering.

What does that say about the essence of the mystery, the UFO agenda or motivation for being here, or appearing here?

God is gone or dead (according to Nietzsche and Richard Elliott Friedman – no relation to Stanton – in The Hidden Face of God).

And UFOs? They are as moribund as God, for all practical purposes.

Stanton Friedman? Alive and well, but not about to have a UFO revelation we’re sorry to tell him.


  • But you do not know if UFO's have a plan for earth. Or maybe no plan, let the "humans have free choice."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, March 27, 2007  

  • Yes, anonymous, free choice(or free will) is a postulate, one that theologists give to God also.

    It is a canard, of course, since free will is conditioned by many things: physical and psychological restrictions, and man-made laws, among others.

    Moreover, free will, if an actual thing, has proven to be dangerous to humankind, since the gods and, apparently, UFOs allow terrible retributions to occur to beings of this Earth, for which one's free will is often corrupted or offset by the free will of someone else.

    Free will is what allowed Eve to get Adam to eat that apple, and it's been downhill ever since.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 27, 2007  

  • What makes you think they (God or UFO/ET) had/has not intervened during all these hard times you have listed? Do you know how much havoc would be going on if they had NOT done so? How many diseases would exist if they hadn't cured many of them? How many asteroid impact events, massive volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, alien invasions, antimatter hits, solar flare hits, gamma ray hits, black holes, temporal disruptions, etc have they prevented?

    Well, we can never know how many since we are not one of them.

    Sure we have had some bad events, but the ones that could have been human species eradicating were prevented.

    Also, why not give them (or Him) some credit for getting rid of those pesky dinosaurs that took up alot of space and were always stepping on or eating our ancestors.

    And you seem to think that civilization is pretty stable because otherwise it should be obvious that some force (ET or God) is preventing utter chaos from happening. We all know that the number of crazies out there is huge and some have education which makes them even more dangerous. So who is helping to prevent our food supply, water supply from being poisoned? We know about the computer virus spreading crazies, but they are nothing to those that wish to spread real viruses, so where are all the age old deadly viruses/diseases? Shouldn't we have pandemics galore? No, we can thank ET (or God).

    Also, I am amazed that we can walk around and not get shot or kidnapped or robbed! Sure a certain small number of folk have these things happen to them, but really, given the way people are, there seems little to prevent this kind of thing from occuring on a more massive scale (surely our "justice system" is not an adequate deterrent) such that at least anyone in the public eye (talk show hosts, movie stars, politicians) would require fulltime bodyguards and not even want to leave home. But they are protected by something more, can we infer ET or God? Perhaps some meme field encouraging people to not attack these folk.

    Also, give them (or Him) some credit for creating just the right balance of everything (you know the list, from the Moon and background radiation levels/mutation rates and distance from the Sun, etc) to make us able to exist.

    Or maybe its all just chance.

    By Anonymous whitefeather, at Wednesday, March 28, 2007  

  • Our contention (generally) is that something put creation in motion, and at some point moral imperatives were rendered starting with The Code of Hammurabi and subsequently the Ten Commandments.

    But somewhere along the line God disappeared (died, in real terms as theologically allowed by the Mormons) and civilization has been devolving ever since.

    As for UFOs, they have not intervened in significant ways for humankind, so their import is nil; they remain objects of curiosity and, for some, fascination.

    But UFOs and God are irrelevant, as most Existentialists proclaim.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, March 28, 2007  

  • But you missed my point, how can you ever know for sure that UFOs or God has not intervened in our lives? Do they have to plaster it in TV and radio ads or drop flyers over cities of their benefiscence? I gave a number of examples of events they MIGHT have prevented, but we have no proof. You have to take it on faith that they have NOT intervened, just as you have to have faith that they have. Its really not too important in any event, although annoying to have bad things happen to you/our world which could be easily corrected by God or ET.

    By Anonymous whitefeather, at Thursday, March 29, 2007  

  • Ah, Whitefeather...

    That egregious things have happened is obvious: the Holocaust, the Indonesian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, genocide in Darfur, et cetera, et cetera.

    No human organization or entity prevented the events, no divine entity prevented the events, and no extraterrestrial entities prevented the events.

    The grotesque, inhuman catastrophes go on, unabated by interventions of any kind, and have for millennia.

    If you feel some great cataclysm has been forestalled or stopped by either divine or UFO intervention, it would be interesting to guess what that might have been.

    A review of disasters on Earth shows that we are alone, subject to the whims of nature and man.

    God either doesn't care, no longer exists, or never existed.

    UFOs are obviously impartial or impervious.

    Existential literature, even from Christian existentialists (Marcel, Barth, Jaspers) is loaded with despair about the human condition, while atheists like Sartre posit our isolation as the essence of the human condition.

    God is nowhere to be found. UFOs are virtually useless to the human cause.

    And death or destruction is not about to be alleviated by a solution to the UFO enigma, if there is one.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, March 29, 2007  

  • You assume, limited by our intelligence and understanding, that the negative events that have occurred did not forestall worse events or were actually necessary precursors to enhanced development.

    Gods and/or super-ET beings may have acquired the ability/understanding to enable them to select which events to prevent and which to allow to occur.

    For instance, perhaps they have devised a method to prevent viruses (which have the benefit of vast numbers of generations over a short period of time and fairly high mutation and adaption rates) from killing off every human. These superbeings still allow the Black Plague to wipe out a large percentage of Europe, because that opens the way to a new form of society and government and who knows what else that They value. They think in the large and long term. Individuals may be ignored, its just not clear to us.

    Think of Hitler. Why was it so easy for him to live rather than die from some early random cause or via assassination later? Perhaps he needed to live for society to follow a certain path which we cannot understand because of our limited causal/temporal understanding of the universe. Perhaps the Holocaust needed to happen so that Israel was formed and so on and so forth in a long causally connected framework (think of James Burke Connections series).

    So ultimately this may be the best Universe we can have. It may not look so great, but when balancing out short/long term goals of humanity, it may be alright. But we can never know this for sure since we are not superbeings, there's the rub.

    By Anonymous whitefeather, at Thursday, March 29, 2007  

  • Whitefeather, your points are well-taken.

    However, one can't imagine anything much worse than the Holocaust; death doesn't seems as bad as what happened during that ordeal.

    It's the theological argument that we have no idea what God's plan is, but it must be something efficatious. After All, why would a God be as cruel as the one we humans are subject to.

    (The Gnostics have an answer, which we accept pretty much.)

    Then there is the philosophical plaint that this is the best of all possible worlds, but Schopenhauer didn't see it that way, and we like his viewpoint.

    The arguments of Teihard de Chardin and LeComte du Nouy (in The Divine Milieu and Human Destiny, respectively) allude to an Omega Point, which is where your argument leads.

    And we like both Chardin and du Nouy, but their position is hard to swallow when one sees elongated suffering to no end, or to no perceptible end.

    Jung addresses the issue in his The Answer to Job monograph, and the idea he postulates is acceptable to us, but doesn't quite answer for bad times now.

    UFO entities (if there are any, and we'll be dealing with the idea of nanobots upcoming) are as impotent as God, or as unconcerned.

    That's the horror of divinity or extraterrestrial intervention: no one or no thing is about to make matters better for humankind.

    (We'll be addressing this issue in more detail at our about-to-be-resurrected RRRGroup blog.)

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, March 29, 2007  

  • rrr, you seem to be very well read, are you familiar with the content of "A Course in Miracles"? That we're all collectively the son of God, but that we've attempted to split ourselves into separate ego-driven entities in a need for "specialness", and that this is all illusion, created by us, no more real than our sleeping dreams seem to us on this level. That God can only create the eternal, and therefore does not interfere with his son's errant dream, which has actually long since passed in the landscape of eternity. That would make any other sentient being in our dream here just another brother. More technologically advanced maybe, but just another aspect of ourselves, and an equal in the eyes of God. It's worth checking ut if you haven't read it. --Todd

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 07, 2007  

  • Thanks Todd:

    We shall check out "A Course in Miracles."

    And you might check out our other pertinent blog...


    Also, we'll have more to say about all this, here and there.

    The implications of what you write are Platonic in nature, and more.

    Thanks for the insight.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 07, 2007  

  • If you haven't already, another interesting read are "The Convoluted Universe" books by Dolores Cannon. While somewhat self-promotional, she claims to have hypnotically regressed individuals who have had extraterrestrial and interdimensional incarnations, as well as some who are working with extraterrestrials in the present incarnation, which in my opinion, in a larger view, supports "A Course in Miracles" in that it says that in the ultimate sense reincarnation is impossible because the birth of the body or "repetition compulsions" has no meaning either once or many times, but that "time" was given us to allow our "mind" which is all there really is and is eternal, a chance to accept our Father's answer to our foolish idea of separation of his sonship, our loss of power, and a useless journey into ego-driven "life". It also details the way out of this de-evolution of mind if one is open to a totally different thought system :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, April 21, 2007  

  • Thanks Todd for the book suggestion.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 21, 2007  

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