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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Skeptical Milieu


Sure UFOs exist – unidentified flying objects (and unidentified aerial phenomena), even “flying saucers” if you insist.

(Some of the Iconoclasts have seen Tremonton-like lights, and a glowing rectangle – reported in Detroit newspapers and Fate magazine; plus one Iconoclast caught an early-morning v-formation of sliver-gray or dimly lit objects flying too fast to be birds or airplanes and too slow to be meteors or descending satellite debris.)


Yes, UFOs are a reality, but what are they? That’s the continuing but less demanding question for most Earthlings, who have other things about which they are concerned: taxes, jobs, gasoline prices, warfare, starvation – existence itself.

Rabid UFO mavens, and they’ve come into their own since blogging has arrived on the social scene, believe almost everything that enters the UFO universe.

A few are more cautious (Clark, Randle, Hall, even Stan Friedman), weighing the “evidence,” hoping the enigma will be solved – someday.


Others are vehemently opposed to anything UFO-related (Menzel and Klass were examples).


And some question certain aspects of the UFO anecdotal panoply.

For instance, something happened in Roswell, that’s certain. The newspaper accounts at the time indicate that.


It wasn’t a weather balloon or secret Mogul detritus that caused the stir. (Mogul is a canard since the U.S.S.R. didn’t even have an atomic test before 1949, and the United States had no indication that the Russians were able to do so in 1947 when Mogul was supposedly established to detect fallout from A-Bomb tests occurring in the Russian motherland.)

But what exactly happened in Roswell? Why didn’t anyone spirit away some of the alleged wreckage that was said to be strewn all over the landscape? (Were all of the Roswellians so afraid of the United States military that they cow-towed to the reported threats made by Army personnel and gave up the “souvenirs” they had their hands on? Rebels and outlaws were extant in the Old West well before 1947, so it seems odd that none existed in New Mexico, circa 1947.)

Where were the Kodak Brownie cameras that other community citizens used to snap photos of everything and everyone that met their fancy? (One can find dozens of photographs after World War II which show that cameras were rather abundant, and used to document everything from sunsets to cars to memorabilia of a lesser import than pieces of an alien aircraft.)

Where are the Roswell witnesses who don’t have some flaw in their background or story?

Where are the flying discs and alien bodies that no one, reputable and in situ at the time, saw or touched?

Yes, something happened at Roswell but it wasn’t Redfern’s Japanese corpses or Ramey’s pieces of tin-foil. But what was it?



What about the Betty/Barney Hill episode — the alleged abduction and examination by UFOnauts?


Yes, something happened to the Hills. They had an experience, surely. Mrs. Hill didn’t seem pathological during her life-time and not in 1961 when she says she was aboard an alien ship, probe by entities that were not human.

But was Betty and Barney Hill’s experience a true flying saucer kidnapping? That has yet to be determined, regardless of the unquestioning belief by most UFO believers.

What about the so-called ten best UFO cases that one UFO sideliner is highlighting with a badly done documentary making the rounds, in pieces, on the internet?

Every case, and we mean every case, has a discordant element that science and skeptics, even some UFO truth-seekers, find inconclusive.

Yes, the ten cases may be the “best” of the UFO breed, but that just goes to show how pathetic the UFO evidence is; how unverifiable, when it gets right down to it, the UFO experience is.

Yes, UFOs exist, they are real, but what they are, what they mean, still is grist for skeptical evaluation.

That UFO true-believers get livid with those who question the UFO “faith” has to be ignored, eschewed even, since truth, and the search for it, are more important than the self-aggrandizement of many UFO devotees.

That’s the skeptical milieu.


  • UFO's are neither interstellar craft with extraterrestrial occupants, time travelers, demons,projections of a programming
    supraintelligence, etc. We, as a species as part of natural life, which, in of itself, is a subsystem of a larger system operating in our solar sytem, transforming, storing..load balancing the primary wire of the sun into the secondary coils of planetary rotations. Self organizing energy is unique in the sense that it follows the needs of the larger system while retaining an enormous data base of individual signatures, which straddle our neat compartmentalization of the visible and invisible, solid and phantom, here and there..we live in the middle ground...perhaps there is a new creation emerging..based on a consensus level that is also a concentration of density, it comes in and out of focus like a feeble signal, with each phase, it garners strength...we theorists, like ufo observers try to neatly file these reports into known comfortable niches in our files which seperate, catagorize, stereotype .it defys our filing system..between what we project and what is returned, we may be they. Maybe it's time to throw out the old files and start over at the beginning.

    By Anonymous Bruce Duensing, at Friday, March 16, 2007  

  • Bruce -

    The elusiveness of the UFO phenomenon is a KEY characteristic of its spiritual nature. Similarly, many, many people constantly complain that they can't believe in God because He doesn't reveal himself willy nilly to them. The UFO phenomenon likely has its ORIGIN in Genesis 6. Are all modern UFOs direct descendents of rebellious divine entities? No, as some of their technology has likely been adopted by governments, but their ORIGIN is likely Genesis 6. Actually, the spiritual explanation makes the most sense. UFOs appear and disappear at whim. UFOs change shape. In abduction cases, time stops for the human indicating the presence of divinity (immortality), and communication occurs on a "telepathic" basis. Does prayer to God need to be recited, either? No, which is one of the reasons for the biblical "language" of tongues so these "beings" can not understand human to God prayer. I could continue for hours revealing the spiritual nature of UFOs including their corporal existence in our world.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, March 16, 2007  

  • Nice and refreshing to finally find some honest, skeptical inquiry into the UFO phenomenon. One really fascinating site (that, unfortunately no more) was UXO. It came from the point of view that post-war UFO sightings might have been prosaic explained by events caused by both cold war hysteria and some genuinely advanced weaponry and aircraft being developed by both sides of the Iron Curtain.
    Your blog certainly is a fascinating read!

    By Anonymous rich, at Saturday, March 17, 2007  

  • I don't believe demons can create bodies. If you're going to go all Biblical on the subject (I'm a conservative Christian) then you cannot believe that creations of God can take part in creation since they are "creatures" and are subserviant to God. God is the only one in the universe who can create, and He says that His creation was finished on day 6...then He rested. There is nothing in the Bible that tells of Satan or demons doing anything that is against the created order. Satan himself has to ask God to bring affliction to Job. It kills me when those in the Christian community attribute satan and his demons to U.F.O.s wheter we are talking about the chariot of fire regarding Elijah or the Nephilim in the Old Testament. Look, I don't know what U.F.O.s are either. I just don't see any proof in the Bible for attributing the acts of God to U.F.O.s

    By Blogger H.D. McCoy, at Saturday, March 17, 2007  

  • I've personally come to the conclusion from the video evidence, John Mack's analysis of abduction and experiences of my own family that aliens exist and visit Earth.

    However, that's as far as I'll go and when I hear explanations of where they come from I just laugh at people who have clearly deluded themselves. Likewise, when I hear accounts of how their craft work and what their motives are, which are frankly rife, I realise just how nutty people can be.

    I agree with the sentiments of this blog that many people following this phenomenon are clearly insane and very unhelpful i.e., those who bend it to suit their religious beliefs, those who say things like "We, as a species as part of natural life, which, in of itself, is a subsystem of a larger system operating in our solar sytem [sic], transforming, storing..load balancing the primary wire of the sun into the secondary coils of planetary rotations" people who claim "God is the only one in the universe who can create, and He says that His creation was finished on day 6." Nutters, the lot of them, and that's just a sample of those who have commented on this latest blog entry!

    Frankly, nothing interesting is going to happen in UFO circles unless there is a very clear event with multiple witnesses and which is recorded in quality. Even then, e.g., Mexican Airforce Incident (2004), people loose interest when they fail to get answers to inevitable and basic questions such as 'What are they?' 'Where do they come from? etc...

    I think the only hope for a furthering of knowledge on this subject is for contact to happen and given it hasn't happened during the last century of activity I see no reason why it will happen in the next, or the next... Therefore, those who aren't clinically insane, do a bit of investigating, hit the inevitable brick wall and get back to their humdrum lives!

    Like me.

    By Anonymous Ritch, at Sunday, March 18, 2007  

  • I got a chuckle out of Rich's post. He is convinced what he experienced were aliens from another planet were visiting him and yet does not believe solar energy comes from the sun, yet stereotypes everyone else with an opinion as insane. Read Lyall Watson's book "Supernature." Then read "The Trickster and The Paranormal" by George Hansen. We are dealing with a natural phenomenon we don't understans versus comic book realities.

    By Anonymous Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, March 20, 2007  

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