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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Swedenborg, Adamski, and the UFO experience


Emanuel Swedenborg had visions that showed him beings on Saturn, Mars, Venus, and other planets of the solar system.

The descriptions of those beings [The Earths in the Universe] were appropriated by George Adamski for his various lectures and books, including “Flying Saucers Have Landed”(co-authored with Desmond Leslie) and “Inside the Space Ships.”

The planets, as NASA probes show, did not, could not, and cannot support life of the kind Swedenborg and Adamski described.

So what is one to make of the “insights” – especially since Swedenborg was not considered a charlatan as Adamski is?

Swedenborg’s visions have always been considered to be part of his epiphany; that is, he experienced Cosmic Consciousness [Richard Maurice Bucke, 1901].

But Adamski seems to have taken his “sightings” from Swedenborg’s accounts and others.

Yet what about other accounts of extraterrestrial life, such as that of Betty Andreasson-Luca or Billy Meier?

Are those accounts edifying in any way? Do they correspond to “sightings” and “visions” that may be precursors to a transcendental epiphany?

Alien abductions (the Andreasson scenario) or visitations (the Meier hoax) are missing the elements found in accounts by Socrates, Ezekiel, Constantine, and Malcolm X (to name only a few).

Alleged real visitations are not self-aggrandizing, or terrifying, as is the case with almost all UFO/occupant sightings and alien abductions.

Persons who have an actual UFO event do not capitalize (or try to) on their experience.

And those who have a real epiphany, such as that of Saint Thomas Aquinas, do not go forward with their mundane activities; they change, psychologically and fundamentally.

Having visions of other-worldly beings is either a harbinger of a transcendental awakening, a psychotic-induced episode, or a contrivance meant to fraudulently convince others of a special occurrence from which the perpetrator can derive money, notoriety, or some other self-serving accoutrement.

Swedenborg had visions, albeit visions that did not and does not coincide with reality as we know it.

Adamski had sightings (not visions) that were induced to commit fraud. Meier’s sightings follow the Adamski model. And Betty Andreasson? Where is the fundamental change in her life-style?

So what about all those who say they’ve seen a UFO (or a flying saucer)? Or say they’ve been abducted by occupants of them?

Are they Swedenborgian? Or Adamskian? Or somewhere in-between?

You make the call.


  • They are human beings, and they have seen something which is non-terrestrial.
    The Multiverse is big. Evolutionary processes on different stars in different star systems have reached varied stages.
    What is so unusual about sightings of more evolved beings, and more developped space-crafts?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, March 08, 2007  

  • I am Betty Andreasson's Step Son and her husbands son. I have been arond them for 30+ years or since they met should I say. I have seen them work hard fabricating all of what they wrote about. Hats off to them for running the best hoax in UFO history.
    R. Luca jr.
    Read about it there...

    By Blogger Bob Luca Jr., at Monday, May 28, 2007  

  • Regarding Emmanual Swedenborg, I was always of the impression that the space people where interdimensional or spirit based.
    According ot Swedenborg, spirits society is not too di-similar from physical life in that spirits work or have tasks, form social bonds etc. etc. (Reminds me of watching or reading James Van Praagh where he tells that spirits are learning things like playing musical intruments etc. after passing over.)

    So the alien beings would therefore not be dependent on the planet having life supporting features like oxygen, water etc.

    The one thing that however may contradict this is that Swedenborg thought all spirits once had been physical beeings and that each creature normally stayed on their own planet (expect specifically curious spirits that travelled between worlds). This possibly suggests these planets therefore must have had physical life at some stage in order to now have spirit life.

    By Blogger Micki, at Friday, June 13, 2008  

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