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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Anomalist

A blogger recently pondered why The Anomalist (http://www.anomalist.com) would include our postings in their daily listings of web-site and blog renderings.

Since The Anomalist only occasionally transports our serious musings to the daily links, we assume they prefer our goofier efforts, as a kind of comic relief.

The Anomalist is an equal-opportunity source for materials and thoughts at the edge of practical life, never editorializing or censoring (except by omission perhaps), and always providing fair shot to all of us who deign to be noticed.

We recommend visitors here use the link above to give The Anomalist site a go, and buy a book or two while you’re there.

(We’ll buy some books ourselves, once The Anomalist finds all our blogs, even the obscure, serious ones.)


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