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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

UFOs and String Theory


UFOs have more of a reality than “strings” – the basic elements (building blocks) of existence according to some physicists.

Lee Smolin, in his book “The Trouble with Physics” [Houghton Mifflin, 2006], argues against the obsession that most physicists, academic researchers, and scientific facilities have with string theory.

(Wikipedia provides a succinct overview of the discursive theory at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_theory for those who aren’t familiar with the concept.)

The problem with string theory is that no one can confirm by tests or experimentation the existence of strings, a dilemma similar to that for UFOs.

There is a difference however, and it’s this: UFOs have a tangibility, a record of being there (or here), whereas strings have no record – nada, nil, zilch.

Yes, UFOs exist and have existed for some recorded time. What they are remains a mystery. Those who “study” them – so-called ufologists – have botched the scrutiny of the enigma by ineptness and hubris (traits that also apply to many physicists if we read Smolin correctly).

UFOs , as a mythology and a reality, are dissipating as a major concern, for the militaries of the world, governments, or the public at large, because they’ve been spotted and photographed (perhaps) but have yet to show any profound malevolence or any practical worth as a phenomenon (except to UFO mavens who remain gaga by the idea of UFOs).

String theory may or may not be bogus. UFOs are not bogus, but they aren’t part and parcel of anyone’s life, unless persons have made them so (which is a sad commentary on the purposeless existentialism of some folks).

String theory is fun to contemplate. UFOs also. But that’s all either of the concepts are.


  • I would have to agree that UFO's have a more tangible aspect to them than string, but to reduce any phenomena to a "concept" seems to imply that something is a mere figment of fertile minds, absent the public access to existing tangible proof. Proof and physical evidence, which many witnesses claim the US government has possessed for at least 50 years. Evidence that would constitute proof in a court of law, with thousands of eye witnesses, (even excluding the Venus and pelican flock sigthings) is typically ignored or "officialy" explained away as military flares or weather balloons.

    Perhaps with an open government policy about the factual knowledge of UFO evidence, i.e., honoring the FOIA laws, more "credible" scientists could publicly discuss, seriously investigate and study the UFO realities, rather than leave it to the hubris of UFOlogists.

    Whether considering UFO's or string theory, I also think it is worth remembering that the greatest discoveries and innovations in science, technology and virtually all facets of civilization, have been made by those passionate about their theories. Columbus, Edison, Wright brothers, even Lee Iaccoca come to mind, as a few such passionate individuals who made a difference. Without those individuals, we would all travel across Europe by train in the dark, and the Mustang would have never become an American sports car icon.

    To ridicule this type of curiousity and passion as "gaga" based on a few obvious nut cases, I beleive, tends to be supportive of the efforts of government propaganda (might as well call it what it is) regarding the UFO subject. It also taints the reliability of all the credible, truthful and serious individuals who have come forward with their witness, often at great risk to their employment, reputation, etc.

    It's ironic that the scientific community can embrace string theory with wide acceptance and acknowledgement of their collective efforts as legitimate, but one with comparable credentials gets labelled as a fringe lunatic for investigating UFO reports, etc., when the ramifications to human existence could be so important !

    I look forward to the day our government opens up its files to serious investigators and scientists from all disciplines, and start treating the UFO phenonomena honestly, as some other countries have opted.

    History also has a way of revising the label of eccentric or crazy, to courageous, once the results of pursuing study of unorthodox ideas come to fruition, and are established long enough to be accepted as true by the guru's for the "majority" opinion.

    By Anonymous Chicago Mike, at Wednesday, April 18, 2007  

  • Chicago Mike,

    If you truly think that the United States government will eventually disclose what it knows about UFOs (theirs and others), you need a big dose of reality.

    IT's not going to happen, ever.

    The UFO mystery has become co bollixed by UFO fanatics, and the government itself, that no one, in
    his or her sane mind, will touch the topic.

    Thus, it's left to us, the curious, semi-rational, daring few to sort out the truth about the elusive phenomenon.

    Ufologists need not apply. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, April 19, 2007  

  • It is the reality that is "officially" obfuscated. Again, via propaganda. Whether that be of the Blue Book or hoaxed photo variety, its result is confusion of the merit of the UFO subject, overall, as a serious area of study.

    Once the public knowledge could no longer be denied regarding other top secret knowledge or events, the veil has then been lifted in the past. Other governments coming clean, at least to some degree, could be the impetus for our government to join in disclosure, thus avoiding the appearance of being ignorant, or dishonest, to millions of registered voters. Self preservation, after all, is the strongest human instinct, and the politicians and career military brass has an additional layer of this instinct ingrained into them during their ascension through the ranks.

    UFOlogists, while labelled as many things, may serve a purpose toward the eventual lifting of the veil of secrecy about UFO's. Kind of like the point man on patrol..... most likely to take the first bullet, but forcing the enemy to reveal themselves to the following soldiers. The sane guys are in the rear with the gear, but the point man makes far more advances for their benefit as well as the cause.

    The curious, semi-rational, daring few to sort out the truth can do so better, when the goofy point men shake the bushes ahead of us. But, no lukewarm pursuit of the truth will ever aceive that result, so give some credit to the guys who are willing to be laughed at and ridiculed, for their zealous, albeit thin, hope that wide spread knowledge of the truth will result.

    By Anonymous Chicago Mike, at Friday, April 20, 2007  

  • Chicago Mike:

    You're obviously an optimist or idealist.

    Governments are inclined to secrecy, as history shows us.

    Secrecy may even be the essence of government.

    So one shouldn't hold their breath while they await disclosures from any government about UFOs or anything else.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 21, 2007  

  • I see good points in both of the last two comments above. Lets not be so optimistic though...if most of the people don't care...nor will the government. Even when the people do care, it still has the ability to do almost what it pleases. The government basically has become and/or through its very nature a SEPERATE ENTITY, with little or no control by the people, despite our votes. Money, power, stupidity and whatever else runs the world/universe. HUGE "congratulations" to us for being a part of it.

    By Blogger Rich, at Saturday, April 21, 2007  

  • Government secrecy, and UFOlogists latching onto every twinkling light, notwithstanding, reality is what it is.....whatever that is.

    For example, In mid-February on a flight to LA, I saw an orange triangular object out the window over the desert. At an altitude of about 30,000 feet, it appeared to be travelling the opposite direction, and it was close enough to the plane (est. < 1000 feet) that I can't believe it was a weather balloon. It appeared to be metallic, but not very reflective on that cloudless afternoon. I didn't notice if anyone else on the right side of the plane saw it too, but I know I wasn't seeing things, (or affluenced by inkohol), and it exhibited nothing conventional, had no windows, wings, visible propulsion or markings of any kind. Pretty much a non-event, but definitely "Un-identified" & certainly flying.

    That was not as spectacular as a (reported) Russian sattelite I saw and heard burning up on re-entry back in about 1983-ish, in southern Illinois. I recall the Sunday paper said it was visible from 5 states,and it was a real eye-opener while driving in the middle of nowhere on I-57.

    Now, I'm not trying to turn your blog into a NUFON reporting site.....My point is that the existence of these things is a fact. Some are perfectly explainable, regardless of how spectacular or unusual they are, and others are not, even if kind of hum-drum, as sightings go. Many of the "unexplainable" events are not of a terrestrial nature, and certainly some people or branches of the government know this too.

    Thus, with their stonewalling and mockery of UFOlogists, credible scientists (at least the non-government-funded or controlled scientists), are loathe to jump into an area of study and inquiry that is certain to discredit their reputations. Just follow the chronlogy of the O'Hare sighting, reported in January, if you want to get a sense of how things are kept quiet, denied upon disclosure, and debunked upon confirmation of the "official" lies. Even a nondescript FAA spokesman or woman seems to be unnder orders to deny, or at least concerned about saying things that could be a bad career move.

    "If" is no longer a credible question. Who, what, why.......when, are answers that may be known by some, but keeping the attention focused on discrediting the reports of IF they exist, results in avoiding the need to answer the natural follow up questions. If the US government's resources were available to you or me for the last 50 or 60 years, I'll bet we could have come up with answers to some of those questions.

    I think Allen Hyneks post-Blue Book interview (taped) was pretty revealing, in that he confirmed the secrecy of the known answers, and made it clear that he "de-bunked" UFO's because he was under orders to do so. (Again, that official "propaganda" at work.)

    I'll keep breathing, as opposed to holding it, while anyone who takes the point shakes the bushes. And while some hoaxes will be perpetrated, the reality of UFO's is not going to go away. One day, reality will be irrefutably confirmed, perhaps not soon, or in a way that government or UFOlogists can control or influence.

    Meanwhile, I will keep paying my taxes, with no expectation that the government has any intention of having a social security check for me every month after retirement.....or any assurance that they know whether it will or won't matter by then.

    By Anonymous chicago mike, at Sunday, April 22, 2007  

  • Chicago Mike:

    No one here disputes the existence, past and present, of UFOs, a few of us having seen such things.

    But to expect government or ufologists to unravel the mystery, either by stealth, luck, or disclosures of secrets doesn't seem likely -- considering the history of the enigma so far.

    But one can hope we guess....

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 22, 2007  

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