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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UFOs are NOT the Meaning of Life


UFOs are neither the black plague nor the Second Coming.

UFOs are neither cancer nor untold wealth.

UFOs are a benign (if one discounts some of the abduction stories) phenomenon that a few have dedicated their waking moments to.

But having UFOs as one’s “hobby” isn’t a bad thing. It’s equivalent to hunting, gardening, painting, playing golf and a hundred other innocuous activities that usurp the time of human beings.

In all the years that UFOs have been spotted, none have brought disaster such as that of 9/11 or the Holocaust.

But for a rabid few, UFOs bring out the worst in human behavior. Persons who normally would be genteel and civilized often turn into mad dogs when someone teases their hobby or raises questions that provoke the importance that they’ve errantly given to the phenomenon.

Of all human activity, only terrorism and murder are worse than the mean-spirited attitude of most UFO mavens.

Sure, there are a handful of sincere and dedicated UFO researchers who’ve put the phenomenon in perspective. But the bulk of the UFO community consists of hard-boiled cranks and dispirited individuals.

Why this is so baffles us, as does the tendency of some in the UFO community to pretend they are truth-seekers but who have warped some events and incidents that, if the truth were known, the real truth, would destroy their narcissism and self-aggrandizement.

UFOs are interesting, and evoke curiosity. But sane persons place them in context, of the world and the ultimate reality that confronts all of us.

Unfortunately, insane persons will continue to denigrate and attack anyone who deems to belittle the inordinate importance that they put upon the mystery and themselves.

And that is a reality only a psychiatrist should deal with….


  • "UFOs are interesting, and evoke curiosity. But sane persons place them in context, of the world and the ultimate reality that confronts all of us."

    I do agree since almost all we can do about them is speculate. Although, in one of Jacques Vallees books, he does mention how somewhere in South America he came across some sort of hunters who climbed trees I think...used flashlights. There were instances where the natives came in contact with what they called "flying refrigerators" (going by memory here?), allegedly attracted by light from the flashlights. Few instances where they got very sick from the encounters! Again, this is all by memory, but I believe I am generally accurate here. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong of course!

    By Blogger Rich, at Thursday, April 26, 2007  

  • I wrote my above comment quick while I was at work. In other words what I was trying to say, I do agree although there are some "possible cases" of human/animal injury and/or death. These should be kept at the "top of the heap," and really deserve truly serious investigation. All in all though we are left with mostly speculation regarding this phenomenon (or phenomena?). I believe we are dealing with many things including misidentifications, hoaxes, government(s) programs/projects, and who knows what else...? It is the "what else" that is fascinating/interesting...not to put down some of the government stuff; who knows what "they" could be up to.

    By Blogger Rich, at Thursday, April 26, 2007  

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