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Friday, April 06, 2007

Why would UFOs come here?


The Earth, while distinctive from orbit or the Moon, has no distinguishing features from interstellar space.

What would attract extraterrestrials to make a sojourn to Earth?

The argument from Stanton Friedman (and others) that nuclear explosions caught their eye, and worried them – “The Day the Earth Stood Still” hypothesis – doesn’t conform to the ufological stance that UFOs (flying saucers) have been around since the earliest days of mankind, as cave paintings and early historical records seem to suggest.

The idea that alien civilizations picked up our broadcast signals can also be ruled out, if the early visitation scenarios are true.

And if ufologists suggest it’s the teeming life here that brings (or brought) alien visitations, the panoply of UFO sightings, with all their diversity, indicates that somewhere else in the galaxy, or beyond, life is teeming also, with beings that are much more interesting than those found on Earth.

With Saturn, Jupiter, even Neptune and Uranus offering far more visual interest that Earth, is the prospect of creatures, human and animal plus flora, that much more compelling than anywhere else in the solar system, or the vast universe itself?

That Earth is a galactic zoo or the outpost for humans who were seeded here begs the question of why here and nowhere else in the vast universe, places closer to the originators?

The uniqueness of man may be debated amongst cosmologists and theologians (which is grist for another blog of ours – rrrgroup.blogspot.com) but if UFOs contain beings with conscious thought, and intellectual prowess, the uniqueness idea goes by the wayside.

Are UFOs manifestations of another civilization here on Earth that parallels the obvious one (ours) but has remained secret over the millennia, the Mac Tonnies hypothesis?

The absence of tangible, or any other kind of evidence, for such a civilization makes the Tonnies concept hard to swallow.

Are the visitors from a parallel universe, abutting this one? Or time travelers from our future (or past)?

Either of those suggestions makes more sense than the intergalactic visitation hypothesis, but is it viable? The answer is yes, but not addressed fully, if at all, by ufologists (or scientists).

And the reasons that might allow for such inter-dimensional or time-traveling visits by others are much more amenable to discussion than the hackneyed extraterrestrial one.

That is, if UFOs really exist at all…..


  • I thought this was pretty good!

    By Blogger Rich, at Saturday, April 21, 2007  

  • I would add that even if "they" are not intergalactic/planetary, they still might use the planets or moons as outposts. Furthermore they may just basically stay out of "our" affairs--ALTHOUGH NOT THEIR OWN AS WELL??? (except for the very occasional intrusions for who knows what reasons...kids playing with ants perhaps...haha) since they would know much, much more than we currently know. Death and suffering would be looked at far differently perhaps. Just a few thoughts...that is all they are though.

    By Blogger Rich, at Tuesday, April 24, 2007  

  • Setting aside any worthy condiderations which could serve to define the innate human tendency toward anything humans can,and desire to explore, WHY WOULD WE want to go to planets we seemingly have designs on? WHAT IF those who may be driving these anomalous aerial objects are FULLY AWARE OF THEIR DISTANT LINK WITH US all along adhering to some semblance of a theorized ('Prime Directive") and I'll throw in, speaking of (such), we would likely be incapable of such adherence. WE humans NEED ONLY COME DOWN FROM OUR SELF-APPOINTED PEDESTAL(S) so that we may attempt to find our way toward heightened understanding, awareness and ultimately (BALANCE!) Such a (concept) is very similar to setting off for the stars into an unknown quadrant! WHAT IF?

    By Blogger John Webster, at Saturday, November 15, 2008  

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