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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jacques Vallee’s Errancy


Yes, we’re admirers of Jacques Vallee, but he is wrong.

The Vallee hypothesis that UFOs are a control system, altering, encouraging, manipulating humankind, for good or evil does not fly.

History, and the vicissitudes of human activity, from time immemorial show that UFOs have had no effect on civilization, or a negligible effect, one that has only tweaked human activity in the most insignificant way.

(The one UFO event, if it was a UFO event at all, that might have altered society in a propitious or, as some think, malicious way, would be the sighting of a cross by Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century, which made the Roman Catholic Church the “official” religion of the Roman Empire, and ultimately Western civilization.)

When a UFO (or God) led the Hebrews out of Egypt (which some contend is a myth but which we think is a bona fide historical event), the UFO (or God) impacted the Hebrews only, and that in a benign religious sense, not in a revelatory or practical sense. (It didn’t save the Jews from pogroms or the Holocaust.)


The Nuremberg sighting of the 1561 (which is listed by a documentarian as one the top ten UFO sightings of all time) didn’t alter society, not one iota.

Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type and printing as we know it, a hundred years earlier, had more of an impact on humanity than any UFO before or since.


Vallee’s contention that UFOs as psychical projections or actual images from a super power or force may be true, but the corollary that such projections or images are meant to further humanity’s mental (even physical) evolution is not borne out by the historical, anthropological, psychological, evidence.

Since 1947, what have UFOs brought to the human table? Nothing but wisps of curiosity by a dedicated band of UFO devotees whose impact on nations, governments, ecological systems, economic philosophies, even military accoutrements has been and remains nil.

When a few French and Italian citizens encountered dwarves in “flying saucers” during the 1950s or the Irish peoples saw the wee people running loose around their farms, what developed from those happenstances, in a way that altered human society and moved it along significantly? Nothing.


The UFO phenomenon that Vallee addresses may be likened to gnats disturbing a picnic crowd. The phenomenon had been and is without power to change society.

Lee Harvey Oswald, and his co-conspirators, with a few gun shots in 1963changed American (and world) society much more drastically than any UFO sighting ever has.

And if, as Vallee suggests, the change is long-range, what are the UFO generators waiting for? The phenomenon has been around before mankind could talk.

Yes, Vallee may be on to something, but what he’s on to is so petty and ultimately benign it can be ignored, except by those who need a good mystery, no matter how inconsequential, to keep them amused.


  • Hi

    In fairness, Jacques Vallee is a very intelligent, sincere and dedicated individual who provided a great deal of credibility in his advocate role calling for a scientific study of UFOs. Its a shame that he has made a decision, by how he views the field, as it stands now, to take a very low profile role. That being said, for me, he never clarified, or expanded upon in specifics, how he defined control. If I understand his premise correctly (in the same terms as you do) I think he is confusing control with the control of camoflauge of appearance, intent as well as the resulting misdirection of attention arising from the observer with the critical assumption that this is evidentiary of intent toward behavioral modification in a cause and effect reinforcement system of control, specifically toward paradigms. It may be a secondary effect as you pointed out, however,perhaps influence is a better term than control, however influence is not control of a general population. If influence is measured by effective behavior, again, of a general population, this also fails the test. However if we take the general population out of consideration, and if we don't measure it by this scale, it has certainly influenced quite afew people. It would be great to have current statistical data. not in terms of belief or disbelief, but in terms of the specifics of a range of conceptual modeling focused on what we call reality, the demarcation between the possible and impossible. The effects of fear are there in the general population. So, is this intentional..to create versus control, to precipitate rather than order. Is the exercise an end in of itself? I don't think so but it is useful to use that perspective as one of many, as part of a larger picture. Reductionism is always a temptation. To make the unknown fit the known rather than confront ambiguity, irrationality of events and how exposed we really are to having our psychic safety zone violated is formative reaction.
    Jacques may be misidentifying behavior with intent, but he is one of a handful of those who are not afraid of their professional reputation destroyed or of being ridiculed by peers, by having the courage to say..look, it really is there..something..something is here...

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, May 29, 2007  

  • Bruce:

    I guessed that this post would get a response from you, as we both admire Vallee, very much so.

    Where his errancy lies is in the emphasis on how UFOs have affected and affect mankind.

    Yes, much of the population, since 1947 surely, has a niggling fascination with UFOs or flying saucers, but it's only a core of fanatic (and I use the word advisedly) devotees who are absorbed by the phenomenon, and with little to show for their rapt attention to it over the years -- you and me included.

    Vallee has picked up on a select core of strange visitations by things and manifestations that just don't belong or fit the Earthly paradigm (to use your favorite word).

    It's his thesis that this core of strange visitations has significance which, as I see it, doesn't, as noted in the post here.

    Humanity has always been affected by things with a greater impact -- natural disasters, wars, economies, even movies -- than UFOs.

    UFOs are peripheral to human existence, then and now.

    That could change but I'm not holding my breath.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 29, 2007  

  • Also an admirer of Vallee here, but i think you're cursory analysis leaves a whole lot out of the picture.

    While the UFO Phenomenon itself hasn't been responsible for demonstrable changes, it is highly possible that the beings controlling them are able to make 'adjustments' without doing so directly while being highly covert about it.

    When you consider the history of religion for example, it seems the most highly efficient control system ever developed. We know that in the 1970s the CIA and its nefarious cohorts were able to project audio and visual hallucinations using technology - so what's to prevent extra-terrestrials from doing the same to prod humans to start/maintain religions? We also see that the Cathar's who suggested this very idea (matrix-esque reality, controlled by a dark god, that uses man and his suffering for his own agenda) were wiped out by the Roman catholic church during the inquisition. Pretty major adjustment made there, esp when you consider Catharism and Gnosticism - what we don't know about them, and the records that survived vs what didn't.

    When you also consider the history of the UFO Phenomenon as covered by Dolan, and how the military and governments react to it, it seems as if the government knows about these craft and were actively covering for them, using things like Blue Book and the Condon/UoC investigation to insure the man behind the curtain stay well hidden.

    Another poster also mentioned 'The Most Dangerous Idea in the World' and mentions how a magazine wouldn't publish her paid ad for a book that seems to discuss this very topic.

    So overall, the UFO phenomenon is pervasive, global, and trans-temporal - and if you include a lot of the ancient accounts, it would seem as if these beings directly interacted with previous civilizations posing as the 'gods', while today they use human mediums (George Bush claims to hear God's voice... who knows who/what it really is).

    So with all that on the pile, and acknowledging that we know squat when it comes to the physical structure of the universe, the true nature of gravity, how the human brain functions, and genetics - one cannot rule out the possibility that we are the property of some advanced or 'higher' life form and are being used for a very specific purpose (I'm thinkin Matrix-Style batteries, but who knows, i could be wayyyyy off).

    By Blogger cyregray, at Wednesday, May 30, 2007  

  • C:

    You are absolutely right of course, about the possibility of the Vallee "control" being covert or subtle, but influential.

    Yet, it is of no consequence, nor has it ever been, to the vast human population, who've had to deal with things that keep them alive.

    Survival has been the primary goal of humankind, and UFOs haven't been helpful or hurtful in that regard, unless one posits the Irish potato famine and other disasters as UFO-created.

    UFOs and Vallee's manipulators have been, as far as one can tell, without success, no matter what their agenda was and is.

    But you have a point in that the purpose may be so subtle, and so long-range (like God's purpose) that it is incomprehensible, at least so far.

    But that's what makes the UFO mystery merely a curiosity. It doesn't impact we who live now, in any real sense, nor has it impacted us in the past.

    The United States Civil War was not a UFO-inspired event, and no one can imagine how it could have been, even subliminally.

    Or the Fench Revolution? The Bolshevik Revolution? And so on...

    It's just a bit off-center to think that the manifestations touted by Vallee and UFO proponents have anything to do with anything.

    The evidence of our senses and thought processes don't allow the jump to what Vallee proposes.

    It's not a matter of logic or plain old common sense. It's a matter of the historical record.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, May 30, 2007  

  • My shtick is that Judaism, Christianity and likely Islam were all potentially established by tools of the matrix (UFOs/Aliens/Hyperdimensional beings) whatever you want to call them.

    Given that, it is impossible for us to know to what degree these beings have been 'tweaking the system' sotospeak, especially when you consider the hyperdimensional aspect - that they can move through time.

    We also don't have any ability to know what these beings can and cannot do. It's akin to a dog knowing about a humans potential for driving a car or pilotting a space shuttle. They just can't comprehend because they're on a different level.

    So given all we don't know, how can you just assume that 'UFOs are no big deal' and 'they don't affect humans'?

    By Blogger cyregray, at Thursday, May 31, 2007  

  • C:

    Perhaps there are some influences on humans (us) directed by the "beings" you and Vallee postulate.

    But those influences are not individually imposed.

    It's the same as God helping an individual who prays to Him/It; it's possible but unlikely, unless there is a fervor in the prayer that get's His/Its attention -- the Moby Dick syndrome.

    In the history of mankind, one can't find intervention by externals, other than those of a natural kind: weather for instance.

    Moses' God didn't influence the Hebrews in any individual way, and Jesus' followers likewise.

    Even when the disciples experienced Jesus' "miracles" they weren't moved to believe or act upon them in a dynamic way.

    When Joseph Smith was (allegedly) visited by the angel Moroni, he acted out the "revelations" provided to him but wasn't affected in such a way that would indicate an intention or agenda by the revelation(s).

    That is, the resultant activity of the Latter Day Saints hasn't produced anything spectacular for humanity in general.

    If the "others" have some agenda or plan for humanity, it hasn't borne fruit in all the years that man has lived on this Earth...unless...

    Unless one sees the evil that men do to other men as the plan of the others or the Evil God, who wish to see mankind destroy itself.

    But if that's the case, the modus operandi is rather lame, since mankind hasn't been able to destroy itself, even though it surely has tried to over the years.

    Mankind exists. For what reason, we don't know.

    But an influence of that existence, by UFOs, ghosties, or the gods?

    We don't see it.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, May 31, 2007  

  • Vallee's ideas about UFOs and related phenomena as a control system merit more analysis than you have accomodated and require more commentary than I can muster at this time.

    BTW - for the record, the JFK Coup occurred in November of 1963, not 1961.

    - SMiles

    By Blogger ELFIS, at Friday, June 01, 2007  

  • Elfis:

    Thanks for the JFK corrective.

    Yes, Vallee's theories do deserve a thorough hearing/debate, and we hope you might accomodate us with your insights.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, June 01, 2007  

  • I would say that the UFO experiences themselves are not the point. The UFO/UAP phenomena is part of a mechanism of change, and that change is induced inside the brains of individual humans. It's what those humans go on to do after the fact that's signifigant.

    Aliens are every bit as prominent in the public consciousness as Jesus today. That's pretty signifigant. Aliens, in fact, are vastly more prominent in the Global Brain than who pulled the trigger(s) on JFK, don't y'all think? Is that a reasonable assertion to make?

    How many folks watched Oliver Stone's JFK? How many watched Spielberg's Close Encounters? Or Independence Day, or Men in Black?

    By Blogger Wombaticus, at Friday, June 01, 2007  

  • W:

    Our point is that the JFK assassination, UFOs, and even the war in Iraq have little impact on the lives of human beings, whether they are in Darfur or in the United States.

    Each of those things (and others) are peripheral to everyday existence, and are merely curiosities when persons have a little time on their hands.

    Exacept for a few conspiracy buffs and UFO fanatics, the rest of humankind couldn't care less about JFK's murder or aliens from space.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, June 02, 2007  

  • I'm not defending Vallee so much as trying to show you what a superficial argument this is.

    Do you have any statistics or evidence for your assertion?

    You might want to take a look at MUFON's excellent document on public opinion polls and UFOs, especially since it sounds like you haven't.


    Also check this out:

    "Nearly 50 years since an alleged UFO was sighted at Roswell, New Mexico, a CNN/Time poll shows that 80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms"


    By Blogger Wombaticus, at Saturday, June 02, 2007  

  • W:

    Our argument is not just "prima facie" it is "res ipsa loquitur."

    Sure. people know about UFos but they haven't set aside their life-styles to pursue the phenomenon; well, a few mavens have, and we have addressed that obsession elsewhere here, several times.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, June 02, 2007  

  • To rrrgroup: Why do you think leading hebrews by UFOs (or God) outta Egypt is a bona fide historical event?

    By Blogger micha90210, at Sunday, June 03, 2007  

  • Michael:

    Now that we've corrected our typo (bona vide for bona fide), I can say that some of the RRRGroup believe that there is a God and that He acted in and upon the history of the Jews.

    Some here, however, think that the god (Yahweh) of the Hebrews was the demiurge (from the Gnostic view).

    But no one here thinks the Exodus account is bogus, in its essence.

    Hebrew history, subsequent to the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (attributed to Moses, but arguable surely), shows that the Israelites settled in the lands around the Jordan River and took upon themselves the dictims laid down by Moses as a surrogate for God.

    If Moses, without the "appearance of God" or that cloud-like and fire-columned UFO, had presented the Hebrews with all the prohibitions laid upon them, we doubt that the Jews would have risen as a tribe that is extant to this day, with all the rules of the Exodus event still intact.

    Thus, if the rules are still intact, then the rest of the accounts in the Torah (those first five books of Moses) must be authentic also.

    And this means that the account of God's cloud and fire [Exodus 13:21] has to be based in fact.

    We don't accept the argument that the writer of Exodus (J according to Harold Bloom) made up the incident. The details before and after the incident are not beneficial to Moses or the Jews so it seems unlikely that a writer (Moses, J, or whomever) would concoct a narrative that was fictional.

    That's a later invention, and doesn't correspond to the mind-set of writers a few thousand years earlier than the first fictional accounts of the gods -- from the Greeks primarily.

    So we accept the Biblical accounts as pretty much authentic, or bona fide, even those of the New Testament.

    Like UFOs, however, much of the Bible is open to interpretation (as far as the meaning of the accounts, not the facts of the accounts, so we're open to alternative views.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, June 03, 2007  

  • What you appear, to me, to be saying is that a Vallee-style 'UFO control system' won't in any significant material way affect the fact you are born, grow up, and die. Of course that's correct.

    But to suggest that negates Vallee's thesis is bizarre.

    The 'control system' posited by Vallee is a long-term process affecting the course of human evolution. We're talking multi-generational timescales. We're talking fractal patterns of information where tiny changes have ultimately major impact but only after untold numbers of iterations. The course of individual human lives, or even multi-generational histories, are undoubtedly little more than noise when measured against such a prospect.

    Seems to me all this essay demonstrates is that, much as you profess to admire Vallee, you have absolutely no comprehension of what he's talking about.

    Indeed it's most likely we simply do not have the intelligence to understand what higher orders of intelligence are doing in the Universe, quite possibly unable to recognise them as such even if they're right here, right now.

    When you've done something right nobody will realise you've done anything at all.

    By Blogger Johnny, at Sunday, September 09, 2007  

  • Dr. Jacques Vallee is remarkable, intelligent, and scarily lucky man. I enjoy how he challenges safe concepts. Will some genius associate him with Saint Germaine, and then create a religion? If we can minimize his theories enough, maybe just maybe, only a high school will be named after him.

    By Blogger Max, at Saturday, December 01, 2007  

  • In my opinion, this "control system" has many functions. One is to condition the human animal, BUT it will not force us to accept the direction. Humans must assume some responsibility. Secondly, this system might be in place to act as a monitoring system on developing civilizations. When a threat is perceived, this system goes on alert and we see "flying saucers" and "aliens." UFOs have influenced our society, beyond any doubt. You can look back at the last sixty years and see that.

    By Blogger TLC, at Friday, December 10, 2010  

  • Additional comments: Vallee contends that the UFO phenomenon affects us in subtle ways, as if to engage the unconscious processes of the mind. He points to ancient sightings of strange aerial phenomenon, including religious visions, as part of this phenomenon. These religious visions (if they actually happened) have altered human history. Take for instance Joseph Smith who founded Mormonism. Mormonism is a powerful religion. Take Paul's vision on the road to Damascus. Who can tell if these events actually occurred? The phenomenon in the twentieth century has taken on a technological facade. The popular image of the alien (grays) have predominated our popular culture for quite some time. The movie Close Encounters no doubt had a major impact on the human psyche. These events and cultural changes having to do with strange phenomenon like UFO's/UFO entity sightings find their way into the collective unconscious of humanity. We don't know the details of how these ideas infiltrate our minds, but no doubt they do have an influence. Many questions arise when one studies the subject for a great deal of time. One of those questions is, why does the phenomenon project itself as aliens from outer space now, instead of faeries like it did before? In the early days people claimed to be contacted by aliens from Mars and Venus. Once science discovered more information about those planets, revealing that they most likely have no life, let alone intelligent life, the phenomenon switched gears. UFOnauts started to claim they were from Zeta Reticuli or the Plaeides. What happens when we discover that no life exists there either? What will the phenomenon do then? It seems to me, given that any of these accounts are true, that the phenomenon (given it has intelligence) wants us to look out there, in space, when it actually resides right here on Earth and has for a long time, maybe even before our human ancestors made the scene. It's still possible that real aliens are behind some of these sightings and encounters. If so, they will remain elusive for as long as they want. If aliens are behind it then it's possible that they hide within our own technological innovations. The result, we can't distinguish its presence from our own.

    Take the abduction phenomenon. Vallee doesn't subscribe to the popular aliens are abducting people, because it seems absurd on many levels (having to keep taking eggs, dna, etc...). However, if aliens are behind it, why wouldn't they stage such events in that way to make it look absurd? Their real modus operandi is still hidden. Here in lies the real issue with researching the phenomenon. Out of all the cases documented, how can anyone tell what is terrestrial, alien, or plain old fantasy? You can't. You can collect soil samples, take radiation readings, and document the physiological and psychological effects, but none of it adds up to much at all. All Vallee can say is there appears to be a vast amount of energy populating a small space.

    By Blogger TLC, at Tuesday, September 15, 2015  

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