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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Roswell Pathology


No, it’s not the obsession that UFO aficionados have for the 1947 episode but, rather, the apparent raft of pathological liars that inhabited (and still inhabit) the Roswell, New Mexico area.

When one studies liars and lying, it becomes obvious that only a small segment of a community has the tendency to lie, about anything.

But in Roswell, it seems, if Kevin Randle, Karl Pflock, and others are correct, that a host of Roswell citizens not only lied but had a penchant for embellishment and outright falsehoods that exceeded statistical groupings of pathologies for any segment of a society or community, about anything, at anytime, or anywhere.

That is, the confluence of liars in Roswell was well beyond the extreme end of the scale for any pathology, anywhere…..unless…

Unless Roswell’s witnesses to an alleged flying disk crash were and are telling the truth.

But Randle, an others, show that this was not the case. Tales told by many “witnesses” did not conform to the facts, and the rate of inconsistency was abnormally high.

Sure, there have been and are liars running rampant through the UFO scenario, but they are not accumulated in one concentrated area, no matter what UFO incident one can cite, as those in Roswell were and are.

This pathology is grist for psychologists and sociologists, but such professionals are not found in the UFO community. And outside the UFO arena, such professionals couldn’t care less, UFOs so badly tainted by fraud and nonsense of all kinds.

The lying and fraud perpetrated upon the public and even government officials by regular citizens exceeded and exceeds anything that conspiracy buffs attribute to the Air Force, CIA, FBI, et cetera in the Roswell incident.

But the will to believe overtakes commonsense when it comes to Roswell, and that is a pathology we’ve addressed elsewhere, many times.


  • The need to record witness testimony should be standard, preferably using video. This wouldn't take away the lying but at least we would have something much better to work with.

    By Blogger Rich, at Wednesday, May 02, 2007  

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