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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Transubstantiation and UFOs

The process by which the host, the Eucharist, used for Communion in the Roman Catholic Church changes into the body and blood of Jesus/Christ is called Transubstantiation.


The change isn’t a metaphorical change but a substantial change, a real change of the bread and wine into the body and blood of the Church’s crucified Son of God.

[Wikipedia's take on Transubstantiation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transubstantiation]

UFOs, those that approximate the look of the host (round or disk-like and white) and represent “real UFOs” (not hoaxed UFOs or military UFOs, or any other kind of UFO that has a prosaic explanation) can convert from visual stimuli to actual, tangible flying craft: the transubstantiation of UFOs.


The conversion from a wave phenomenon to a particle phenomenon is a quantum event, of course, but there is more to it than that.

The actualization of an evanescent image to a palpable, physical object is not a miracle but unique event brought about by the physical properties of quantum mechanics.

For UFOs, as with any other quantum measurement, the observation brings about the actualization; that is, the observation (or measurement) of a UFO makes it real, changing it from a Jungian or Vallee-defined artifact to a bona fide object, with definite physical properties.


Just as the bread and wine in a Catholic mass is changed into the body and blood of Christ, which is a physical transformation also, a UFO changes from a perceived but amorphous entity into a object exhibiting physical traits and behavior, but only when it is objectively observed or measured (by eyesight, radar, or film/video).

(The paranormal search for ghosts and spirits, if it follows the same procedures with serious measurement, will also produce results that are concrete or substantial, but only if the measurement is scientifically sound.)

Transubstantiation is a quantum effect. UFOs are quantum manifestations, as we’ve noted here before. To obtain a solution to the UFO enigma, the phenomenon must be addressed in the same way that a quantum event is addressed.

The “incantations” during a Catholic mass bring about Transubstantiation. While incantations won’t produce a UFO (usually), the proper experimental “rites” should, if the observer is truly expert at his or her craft.


So, ufologists might re-evaluate their procedures, looking to the Church and/or quantum science for guidance.

Then, perhaps, the UFO mystery will be solved, finally.


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