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Monday, July 16, 2007

Capturing God and UFOs


How difficult is it to capture a UFO….or God; that is, physically, tangibly, actually?

Major military establishments, such as those of the United States, Russia, China, and Britain have had occasion to capture aircraft from their counterparts: Russia (the U.S.S.R. when it happened) got its hands on Gary Powers’ U-2, China got its hands on American planes in Viet Nam, the U.S. got it hands on MIGs in Korea, et cetera.


Is it unimaginable that a “flying saucer” or UFO has not been captured – gotten hold of – by some military construct at some time or other?

Such a craft could have been gathered from a mishap, or shot down, inadvertently (mistaken for an enemy airplane) or purposefully.

(The “mishap” possibility is what keeps the Roswell story alive.)

But how does God figure in this?

The gods or God made appearances on the Earth, as related by the Hebrew Bible [Genesis 3, 17, 18; 3 Kings 19; Tobias 6; et cetera], the Mahabharata, the Upanishads, the Iliad, the Aztec and Mayan codices, and other historical or mythical treatises.


Jacob, in the Hebrew Bible, wrestled with an angel, or as properly translated, Jacob wrestled with God [Genesis 32], and was injured (dislocated thigh joint).

UFOs or flying saucers are purported to have occupants, some seen and some interacting with human beings on the ground or aboard their craft.


But in either of the scenarios (gods or UFO occupants), no one has been able to subdue and capture either a UFO (alien) being or a god, not even an angel.

The gods and extraterrestrials remain elusive.

(Why no one has wrestled a flying saucer pilot to the ground or no abductee has punched one out while being kidnapped is grist for the passivity of human beings in dire straits, as was the case with Jews as they were being taken away during World WAR II, and in earlier pogroms.)


So, we’re left, for now, as to what can be done, or what has already occurred when it comes to UFOs or their tangible reality, flying saucers?

Have the strange flying machines been able to escape every attempt to nab one? Have they been able to fly, free of accident for the thousands of years that they’ve been experienced by humankind?

The “freedom from mishap” explanation doesn’t fly. What alien culture could create a machine that never malfunctions?

Unless those machines are the encapsulating vehicles for the gods (or God). We all know that the gods (or God) can’t be captured.


So, either we take the view that UFOs are like gods or the machinery of the gods and can never be subdued, or we accept that UFOs are just extraordinary craft of alien beings or the mysterious militaries of this Earth and can be, with due diligence, captured, brought to heel, by extraordinary means – means that are not outside the technological abilities of human beings in A.D. 2007.


Or, as noted above, have UFOs already been garnered by some Earthian military? Even circumstantial evidence is meager, but not totally hidden.

And if a UFO has been downed, why can’t another be?


It’s too bad that ufologists are such a pauperish lot; if they had some real monies, they could mount a “Capture a UFO” campaign, once they stop their internecine (and silly) conjecturing.


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