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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ufology: Our view has become their view


A UFO documentarian we used to know had the following on his blog recently [8/23]:

In two comments at one of his UFO Mystic posts, Nick Redfern hits the nail square on the head with a spot-on analysis that will make many people within ufology cringe, or complain, or argue... but that won't change the fact that he's absolutely right.

Nick writes:

I predict that ufology will never be anymore than a subject that attracts a few thousand people on a regular basis (and maybe less now).

Many ufologists confidently think that the world is waiting for them to finally deliver the ET goods and go down in history.

They’re not. Most people outside could not care less about the petty arguments in ufology (and don’t know about it anyway) and unless someone really makes a major breakthrough (along the lines of proving that Roswell was ET, for example), we will not be remembered by science, the media or the public.

A good many ufologists are ego-driven and full of self-importance. But at the end of the day, we are just a group of largely unrecognized people who argue with each other, and publish things here and there that get read by a few thousand people. And that’s it.

Same as it ever was. Same as it always will be. I think the biggest problems facing ufology are (a) the image that we have with the scientific community and with the media - namely that we are all viewed as nutcases, eccentrics etc; (b) the fact that we lack any hard evidence in terms of something tangible that can be studied and proved to be anomalous (rather than different people having different opinions on something that remains enigmatic or unresolved); and (c) that we lack large funding to really devote to a deep study of the data.

I’m not sure how we change things, but I believe that things can only change if we can find some form of hard evidence to support the idea that UFOs exist.

But that will only ever happen (I personally think) if UFOs are literal nuts and bolts craft. If they have far stranger origins, it may well be impossible to get tangible, hard evidence. In which case, we may be perceived by the human race of the late 21st century and 22nd century in the same way that we view people who - 100 years ago - searched for fairies, or knocked on tables trying to contact the dead, etc.

In other words, we’ll be viewed as a group of people who looked into some unusual areas in search of the truth about aliens, but never really found any hard evidence that proved ET was visiting.

Ironically, if ET really does land, I personally think that ufology will be swept away in an instant as the public demands answers from the media, who in turn demand answeres [sic] from the government and the mainstream scientific community.

We may get a brief 5 minutes to say “we told you so,” but that will be it.

Unless we stumble on it first somehow.


We've been saying the same thing all along, but coming from Nick Redfern, it has real cachet.


  • nothing Nick Redfern says gives 'cachet' - he has become a writer of 'titilations' for the ignorant and stupid.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, June 18, 2011  

  • Anonymous:

    What's the deal?

    Too chicken to use your real name when making comments about me?

    You have to go by the name of "Anonymous?"

    That's truly beyond sad when people don't have the courage to use their real name.

    I actually feel slightly sorry for you (very, very, very slightly...) for your lack of personal strength to stand up and be identified!

    You must be truly wimped out to not use a real identity!

    Still living in mommy's basement? Frightened to use your real name? Pussy-wipped? Should I continue? Or is that enough? Hmmmm?

    Why don't you try saying that to my face instead of hiding behind mommy's apron?

    I know why - to do so would require a backbone.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Saturday, June 18, 2011  

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