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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roswell Redux

Here is a 1984 “In Search Of” segment about Roswell that includes Jesse Marcel talking about his part in the military cover-up of the incident.

What’s interesting is that Marcel undercuts the UFO metal stories by saying “it couldn’t be bent” (while other witnesses have stated how the recovered metal, when folded, would resume its original shape).

And the distance from Roswell where the UFO (or UFOs) crashed seems much further than current accounts have it.

Also, Peter Gersten presents an FBI document from the period that seems to confirm the Mogul balloon explanation.


  • I an kind of sorry for you at this blog site. You have no idea of what it is to get old. No it doesn't mean you can't remember anything it just means you forget details at times. If everyone remembered the same details from the Roswell case after thirty years(that is when they were first interviewed) it would be very suspect to me. But for the most part the startling nature of material found had impressed a very large majority of witnesses. The truth is unless you have a real memory health problem when you see something like I had 45 years ago so striking you still remember it - you can still forget some details or make mistakes while retelling it.

    I never understood how intelligent people believed in the MUGAL explanations until what happened with Mr. Bush. We want to believe in our government even when it doesn't make sense. We also have media the trying to make us forget the details by distraction. Why did the press except the story in the first place. Does what they show in the picture make you think of 'Alien Technology" Did they not ask themselves why Marcel and the Rosewell Base Commander thought it was - and these are the guys guarding the bomb?
    It didn't matter what they showed to the press or you for that matter- only that it was their explanation. What was described over the phone must have warranted quick action. A plain was dispatched. Did Marcel just go to a training class on the different weather balloons -Yes he have a high clearance - Yes Did he know about MOGUL - Yes
    Had Mogul call the base asking them to pick up there MOGUL balloon - yes. Did they do it - no. They told those guys to pick up there own balloon.
    Do you think Marcel would be so foolish to bring up this UFO story if at the end he knew it was a MOGUL balloon. He had no idea of the records kept on MOGUL. You have to make some common sense even when you are trying to debunk "an extraordinary claim."
    There are people who are going to believe you - they feel safe in OZ as long as the Wizard is in charge, but those who think might ask themselves this. Why would the Military promote a base commander(Roswell) to a 4 star general who caused a busy General(Ramey) to have material flown to his WPAFB only to discover it was a MOGUL balloon - with quite common material.
    Yea that guy was an idiot lets let him run the army.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

    By Blogger Joseph Capp, at Friday, September 07, 2007  

  • Joseph:

    Let's try to make ourselves clear, again...

    Something happened at (or rather, near) Roswell.

    The Mogul balloon(s) were part of the incident, either directly or indirectly; that is, the Mogul was intertwined with whatever crashed in Roswell....intertwined in actuality or intertwined as part of the mythos.

    You are a Roswell believer, which is okay, but you (and others, like us) have no idea what the whole Roswell scenario consisted of: alien craft in distress (crashed?), balloons, secret military device(s) gone astray, or something else totally mysterious at the time....something other than a crashed flying disk.

    The case is still open, but it's denouement is truly iffy after 60 years because of all the hoopla that has confused the episode considerably.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, September 07, 2007  

  • Marcel's testimony doesn't 'undercut' anything unless you believe there was only one type of material found.

    Also, this past year very good evidence surfaced that showed that Mogul can ALMOST BE completely outruled as an explanation, mainly because it was admitted that the mogul project staff were in contact with the base during flights. Meaning many of the men involved w/ the Roswell crash had to have known about Mogul's existance, just not it's purpose. Besides, none of the material from Mogul was extraordinary in the slightest.

    By Blogger Jason, at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  

  • Jason:

    As a Roswell "believer" you accept the myths about the incident without reservation we guess, and that isn't necessarity wrong, just not objective.

    The Mogul episode, as we continue to note, factors into the Roswell scenario, even though something else took place, something strange certainly.

    Whether or not that strange thing was a crashed alien space vehicle has yet to be proven, but it is a possibility, especially in light of the witness statements.

    (Can all those people be liars, even though a few persons flummoxed the testimony by pretending to be part of the episode when they were not?)

    Either way, Roswell is not or cannot be the smoking gun of the UFO mystery because the incident has been compromised by bad ufology, liars and hoaxers, a military cover-up (of something), and the lack of any tangible evidence from the whole affair -- none whatsoever....no material (debris metal or otherwise), no photographs, no documents clearly outlining what happened....nothing.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  

  • Dear people,

    Why would the military go and toss Bill Brazil, (MAC'S Son) who was force to give up a small box of the debris, two years after Roswell crash, tear up floorboards empty the water tower and cut backs of grain looking for off the shelf material? Why have different MPs now come forward who were there talk about having to arm themselves and to guard the crash material, which none of them described as looking even close to a balloon. Why were the regular duties officer pulled off the crew of a the plane which flew the debris and then substituted for Blanchard's second in command, along with other Blanchard's senior officers.
    Why have so military personnel(of which this is a small sample and who's records show they were at Roswell) now come forward admitting they retrieve the material and it didn't look like something from any balloon. That it took many teems hours and hours. By the way they were on special duty and thoroughly search at the end of the detail, I guess just in case someone stole a piece of balsa wood?
    It is amazing how you buy this stuff. A Mogul looks exactly like a balloon just many balloons together. Tide with string and balsa wood and radar detectors there is not anything strange about it. You have been had, and not even by a good spin.
    Also "Myth Buster" offer to have some Roswell researchers give there best evidence and they were refute it. The Roswell researchers replied and said why don't you guys just duplicate a Mogul balloon and end this once and for all. We can all see what it looks like after it goes down in that desert a day or two. Of course they have never took them up on their offer. Because when you get out of the clouds the material was not described as a balloon material, just light like balsa wood and silver like tin foil we all know what that is, even in your case, if your implying it was the stupid military.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

    By Blogger Joseph Capp, at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  

  • Joseph;

    If those military men you cite are telling the truth, and they may very well be doing so, that still leaves us with nothing but hearsay evidence.

    Yes, we'd like to believe, just as you do, but the lack of tangible, touchable, verifiable evidence doesn't allow us to do so.

    Faith is a wonderful thing.

    Proof is quite another matter.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 11, 2007  

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