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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The O'Hare UFO Hysteria


Many in the UFO community are absolutely giddy about the November 7th sighting (alleged sighting) of a UFO at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Whether or not a bona fide UFO was sighted remains to be determined. But since media, the public, and late-night comics have had and are having a go at the incident, it becomes one more nail in the coffin of UFO legitimacy.

A rock that fell from the sky and landed in inside a house the first week of January [2007] was dubbed a UFO – unidentified falling object by ABC news (GMA).

Jay Leno had a few jokes about the O’Hare episode [1/3/07] as did a number of other pundits and jokers.

The episode has become a laughing stock, and further emasculates the UFO phenomenon, which remains as elusive as ever, and now relegated to the bottom of society’s concerns, except as a joke stimulator.

Ufologists are grasping at the O’Hare fiasco in the hope that it revives the phenomenon and interest in it.

Some are flaunting their aviation and meteorological expertise to explain the (alleged) hole in the clouds that the thing made when it departed the Chicago airport.

Some have raised an FAA conspiracy angle, a general cover-up by media and airport agencies, plus a fear on the part of witnesses to tell the public what they saw (or think they saw).

This episode is just the most recent in a rash of episodes that brings opprobrium and ridicule to the UFO myth (or reality if you will).

It sinks the phenomenon further into the morass of fads that media and the public gloms on to, before both media and the public move on to other nonsense.

The UFO community’s delusion of a resurrected interest in UFOs is as misplaced as the all the copy being invested in by UFO diehards and persons seeking their daily dose of silliness (to enliven their boring, petty lives).