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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wikileaks and UFOs


UFO investigators, grasping at straws to remain (or become) relevant might get a chance with the new Wikileaks momentum.

Wikileaks, as outlined by Scott Bradner in Network World [Page 41, 1/22/07], is a collaboration that provides an “uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document-leaking and analysis.”

The broadside, supported by 1.2 million documents already, will “avoid legal attacks, at least in the West, by initially focusing on ‘non-Western authoritarian regimes” Bradner writes.

Bradner’s colleague at Network World, Paul McNamara, sees Wikileaks as a horrible idea [Page 42, same issue] because it will allow “Chinese dissident[s and] the disgruntled/recently fired nincompoop” to post material anonymously, without anyone checking the veracity of their contribution.

For ufologists, that lonely, usually inept group of investigators, the idea that someone in government, abroad or here, eventually, might disclose the cover-up about UFOs that they contend is rampant, and can do so anonymously, should come as heaven-sent, now that UFOs have been put on the backburner for almost every normal person in the United States, despite the recent O’Hare “sighting.”

In the UFO community, any material, no matter how bizarre or imaginary, is grist for study, and ongoing debate(s). The subject matter, UFOs, doesn’t rely on truth-seeking as such; it subsists on the basis of rumor and the scantiest information extant, no matter how loony that information is.

Wikileaks, like Wikipedia, is ideal for prolonging the idea that UFOs have been captured and some governments of the world have kept that information to themselves.

Maybe someone, somewhere, will disclose the documents that prove, once and for all, that the mythology of alien visitation and their downed flying saucers are facts held in abeyance by those in power, for nefarious (or other arcane) reasons.

We bet the UFO crowd will go gaga once they hear about this new Wiki thrust. They need something, anything, to keep their delusion alive.