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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, and UFOs


While most ufologists think the alleged O’Hare UFO sighting back in November [2006] and a raft of other sightings since has enlivened the moribund UFO phenomenon (as far as the public and media is concerned), they couldn’t be further from the reality.

What has happened, and always happens with UFO events, nothing develops from the sightings.

When Pavlov’s dogs salivated, as ufologists have been over the O’Hare event, the dogs at least got some food when the bell rang. The O’Hare bell rang, but no food came forth, or looks like it will.

There has been, as in all UFO cases, no payoff. The conditioned reflex remains blocked.


When B.F. Skinner wanted his chickens to peck for food, they sometimes got it. Operant conditioning allowed food to be dispensed some of the time. With UFOs, nothing is dispensed. The UFO enigma remains intact, and when that happens, people and media – conditioned by the usual non-resolution – eventually stop pecking.

If something had come of the O’Hare sighting, or the Roswell incident(s), or any other UFO episode, then one might expect interest to be generated, anew in this instance.

But those not subject to the UFO hysteria of the past, got their hopes up with the O’Hare vision, then nothing.

In a society, conditioned by immediate or near-immediate gratification, the absence of anything concretely satisfying from the O’Hare (or any other current UFO sighting) will provide a negative impact, even more so than in the past, as people are more cynical than they were just a decade ago.

So, ufologists can dampen their errant enthusiasm once more. After all, that’s what the UFO phenomenon is all about: all show but no substance.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Where are the UFO occupants?

Jacques Vallee imagines that UFO entities look something like these represented here…





And everyone is familiar with the Roswell/Betty Hill/Walton kind of occupant….




Then there is the Pascagoula entity…


And there are dozens of other representations of flying saucer (UFO) occupants – no photos (real ones that is) but lots of drawings.

But we question why there is a dearth of occupant sightings nowadays. Yes, some UFOs continue to be seen, but why aren’t the “occupants” disembarking, as they did in the good ol’ days?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Unconventional Aircraft (as UFOs)

Dr. Bruce Cornet is a scientist who actually studies UFOs and other anomalous elements in the real world.

Ufologists can see how investigation and scrutiny of their topic (UFOs) should be done by following Dr. Cornet’s PowerPoint presentation, he was kind enough to provide us, about the Manta Ray aircraft and other prototypical craft that have been mistaken for UFOs.

Click here to access his two-part presentation…..

Sunday, February 04, 2007

UFO Symbols

The great Otto Binder addressed the meaning of alleged symbols seen on UFOs in a 1972 article for Saga’s UFO Special magazine:


Fate magazine presented, several decades ago, a piece on messages from alleged extraterrestrial beings that included this:


Lucius Farish (a true UFO investigator) along with Dale M. Titler wrote about symbols for Official UFO magazine (mid-70s) that included these representations:







The above symbols were either “photographed” on the UFOs or drawn by those who saw them on a UFO.

Why are there no such representations seen on UFOs purportedly flying overhead today?

Either the space aliens have become illiterate or the military has wised up and removed such designations from their prototypes.

(The Zamora/Socorro symbol is dealt with in detail at our web-site.)