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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

UFO Critique

Click here for an erudite paper by Diana Palmer Hoyt about UFOs, the Condon Report, et cetera.

Analysis of the 1965 Heflin photos

You can forget about the imbecilic thread at UFO UpDates re: the 1965 Helfin UFO photos by clicking here to read (via PDF) a scientific analysis of the photos in a 2000 paper for the Journal of Scientific Explorations by Druffel, Wood, and Kelson.

What to do about UFOs

Click here for a 1968 Rand report about the UFO dilemma.

The Ultimate Skeptic/Debunker

Click here for the American Philosophical Society's site that lists contents of the Philip Klass collection -- UFO detritus, and more -- much more.

Triangle Craft as UFOs

Click here for a paper, via PDF, by Edward Halerewicz, Jr. outlining the propulsion technologies of Deltoid Aerial Craft that mistakes them for UFOs.

A Site for Objective UFO Buffs

Click here to access The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight (for the UFO entry).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alien morons?


When supposed alien craft scour the landscape, sometimes landing (in the old days anyway), or abduct people, what do they obtain?

Aliens, via UFOs, check out military establishments, but not the Pentagon or NATO headquarters. They scan military bases or remote military fields; they don’t even peruse, and never have, military engagements, such as World War I, Korea, Iraq, et cetera.


When alien beings kidnap (abduct) human beings, they always take the non-intelligentsia.


If alien beings have the ability to transport through walls, and abscond with people, why don’t they intrude on museums and take some of the great art works of the world (as Alexander, the NAZIs, and other militarists have)?




Why no theft of the works of Shakespeare, Beethoven, or interest in the pyramids or the Golden Gate Bridge?





What is the benefit of soil samples? Or cow udders? Or the innards of Travis Walton or Betty Hill?



Either alien visitors are without culture, or are interstellar cretins – if they exist at all.