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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The UFO Evolutionary Flaw


UFO mavens have many hypotheses about the origin and/or source of UFOs.

Some think they are interplanetary or extraterrestrial. Others think they emanate from a hidden creation here on Earth. And still others think they are manifestations from parallel universes, or the future (maybe the past), or are figments of a devious co-humanity entity (or entities) that exists to have malicious fun with their Earth counterparts.

The problem with any of these hypotheses – they aren’t theories by a long shot – is that the course of human advancement is Darwinian; that is, human progression derives from accidents and happenstance, and technical achievements are often (if not always) the result of abstruse connections. (See James Burke for more on that aspect.)

What are the odds that an extraterrestrial race evolved exactly, or nearly so, as the human race did? And with the same aeronautical progressions that the Montgolfier or Wright brothers began?

The alleged flight characteristics of UFOs are too similar – despite 180 degree turns – to human aircraft flight patterns to bespeak an alien presence.

The alleged observed antics of UFO occupants is also too similar to human endeavors -- soil sampling, medical procedures, et cetera – to indicate an alien culture.

The similarities to human activity, found in UFO sightings, could indicate that UFOs come from the human future, or past, but those Burkian connections would have to have taken place all along the way (backward or forward) to allow UFOs and their supposed occupants to behave as they do. The chances for that are astronomical.

What about Jacques Vallee’s contention that UFOs are the product of a co-habitable race (maybe “spiritual” in nature) that exists to tweak humankind, for beneficial or nefarious reasons (or both)?

The idea is religious in nature, which is not a bad thing in itself, just not scientific.

The hidden civilization concept (crypto-terrestrials) is fraught with so many untenable conditions – technology that has remained incognito to human societies and a presence that is virtually invisible except for its flying machines – is as near to ridiculousness as one can posit.

No, UFOs are not from another world, or a hidden world here on Earth, or from our future (or past), nor are they the products of God’s evil twin.

UFOs are, as Carl Jung hinted, the mandalas of a mad society whose wishes and delusions have made them “real” – or so it would seem.

Sunday, February 25, 2007



A “discussion” threaded at UFO UpDates (an amalgam of UFO nonsense) is taking place that pits Jerry Clark, Dick Hall, Stanton Friedman and others against the proponents of an “hypothesis” (no theory yet) which outlines the idea that there is another civilization on Earth that is hidden, and has been for millennia, and accounts for UFOs (flying saucers).

The most recent advocate of this idea is Mac Tonnies, who has a book coming out delineating the idea. The epithet for the “hidden, advanced civilization” is "crypto-terrestrials" (coined by Tonnies we surmise), and supported by Bob Shell, and few other lesser lights of the UFO community.

The idea is bizarre, but should it be outside the bounds of ufological discussion?

Maybe a paper by Jonathan E. Adler, a professor of philosophy at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, might be helpful in resolving the dispute.

Click here to read Dr. Adler’s ruminations….