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Friday, March 23, 2007

It ain't gonna happen


No matter how hard UFO aficionados and Dr. Lynne Kitei press former Arizona governor Symington, the government, and media, the so-called Phoenix Lights will not end up being the clincher UFO followers are hoping for.

The O’Hare sighting is not about to be explained and won’t bring the UFO mystery to a conclusion either.

The French disclosure of its military files about UFOs merely confirms what everyone knows: strange things have been seen and are being seen in the skies.

But the French files, like Blue Book before it, don’t tell anyone anything about those things that people have seen and sometimes photographed.

The history of flying saucers is replete with sighting flurries and media interest, even public hysteria, but nothing has come of it, and nothing will.

Some, like Kenneth Arnold, way back in 1947, and Lynne Kitei, now, will try to capitalize on the sightings they are identified with, and they’ll make some money or garner a modicum of fame, but the UFO enigma will remain unresolved, and continue a slow fade to meaninglessness.

UFOs have become the folklore, even the mythology, of the modern era, but yet have not impacted society or civilization in any palpable, significant way.

UFO hobbyists and even “serious” investigators have got to come to a realization that their fixation is not about to become overt; UFOs are not going to be explained by any government, any scientist, nor any “ufologist” – not now, not in the near future, and maybe never.

But the UFO community, rife as it is with dreamers and losers, will stay rapt and intrigued, because what else do members of that forlorn community have going for them?

No, the Phoenix Lights, the O’Hare episode, the French connection, and all the UFO sightings extant will not bring about a UFO denouement.

And do UFO fanatics really want one?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Lonnie Zamora (Socorro) Story, but from 1952!


The picture above is a representation of what Oskar Linke says he saw in the Russian Zone of Berlin, July 1952.

His account (below) from The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed [Fawcett Publications, 1952] by Antony Terry (Berlin Correspondent, Kemsley Newspapers, London), as you can see for yourself, is peculiarly similar to the account that Lonnie Zamora provided for his Socorro sighting of April 1964.


Had Zamora seen the Linke story? Was Zamora’s account fabricated, or are the two events related by the Hughes’ connection; that is, did Hughes Aircraft and Design replicate the 1952 Russian test in the area of Socorro, New Mexico, in 1964?

What is the Hughes connection to Russian space technology? (We’ve shown the lander design that Hughes Tools used for its moon lander design (which resembles the Socorro craft.)

Investgators who want to foist the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) on a gullible public and UFO audience won’t pursue the possibility. It would destroy their belief system and, in many cases, their livelihood.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Alien Abduction Options


Although UFO abductions have abated recently, those who say they’ve been abducted – calling themselves “experiencers” – continue to becloud the UFO environment.

Abductees (experiencers), we contend, suffer from delusions, particularly “deliria oneirica” – a delusional state that mimics a nervous or psychotic breakdown.

Some say these people suffer from a form of sleep paralysis or related disorders.

Others say the stories are made up, cries for attention by some very disturbed people.

But lets assume for the moment that persons are taken from their beds, cars, tractors (usually at night) by extraterrestrial beings (or demons from another dimension) and that the incidents they relate are true.

What can one make of their often horrifyingly frightening tales?

All we have are the aftermath of their experience. And that is where the solution to the abduction mystery might be found.

We have noticed that most, not all, abductees end up lashing out at the world, and those who question their accounts.

Some have become mean-spirited and nasty. Others accept the incident as a nightmare-like occurrence that needs clarification.

Some hope to make money off the happening.

But what if, pretending the abductions are real, those who have been abducted were programmed (brainwashed) to provide what UFO mavens like to call disinformation? That is, aliens (extraterrestrial beings) use the kidnapping scenario to plant misinformation into the addled minds of those taken aboard the alien ships, misinformation to throw off human inquiry into the agenda of the visitors from other worlds?

What if some persons are now “Manchurian Candidates” – persons programmed to kill investigation into actual alien intrusions that would be much more detrimental to humankind than the lifting of a few people from their nightly sleep for medical scrutiny?

What if the rabid propaganda from some (via blogs nowadays) that everyone is dishonest or hoaxing is a red-herring while they are, in reality, spreading false information to undermine the truth of their stories: a reality (they were actually abducted) or they are indeed psychotic?

The only person we’ve come across who strikes us as honestly forthright about his event is WB. One person we know about has become morose and another is too incendiary to be considered truthful, concocting a story to further aims of a mercenary kind or, more dangerously, is creating an atmosphere of distrust to mask an agenda that undermines more than the UFO inquiry.

The abduction phenomenon is scary, in more ways than one. And there is no way to get to the bottom of the mystery, since most experiencers are adept at covering their psychopathology with the tactic of attacking others while they go about their nefarious deed, all the time proclaiming that it’s others who are sick, not them.

To read more about the abduction phenomenon, here some sites that should prove enlightening: