UFO Conjectures

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is there only one UFO presence?


While UFO devotees report many UFO sighting per day – most are misinterpretations – there are no simultaneous sightings of bona fide UFOs; that is, no UFOs are seen at the same time, in different locations.

And that has been the pattern for flying saucer/UFO sightings since people have been recording their appearances.

This would seem to indicate that the UFO presence comes down to one contingent: one UFO fleet, that replenishes its array of “crafts” every now and then, causing what UFO mavens call “flaps.”

This one UFO fleet contains a cigar-shaped mothership and a bevy of smaller, aerodynamic contraptions, each fit for a specific mission it seems, including abductions of human beings, if one wants to get silly.

Reconnaissance appears to be the main mission, but if UFOs are Earth-made, flights are primary testing occasions. However, recorded UFOs from pre-flight eras seem to rule out the Earth-made scenario, except for those UFO sightings that are misinterpreted (which account for the vast majority of UFO reports since the airship observations of the 1890s and the sightings from 1947 on).

But what is the source of this one UFO fleet? Is it extraterrestrial? Is it Earth-oriented, from a hidden civilization, as suggested by Mac Tonnies’ cryptoterrestrial hypothesis? Does the fleet come from Earth’s future? Or past?

Could the fleet be a psychic manifestation, a la Jacques Vallee, controlled by super-beings, once thought to be the gods (or demons)?

Or are they a unique phenomenon, brought into existence eons ago, by some human (or other) mechanism, and continue to appear, now and then, as an evolutionary tweaker?

Whatever the source, there is only one fleet of saucers – UFOs, and they have raised psychological havoc with a few human beings who keep them “alive” by paying attention to them: the ufologists and their lapdog followers.