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Friday, May 18, 2007

UFOs and Natural Selection


If there is anything that is true about the UFO phenomenon it is the observation that the hallucinated or real crafts seen over the years (from ancient history to today) have, like animated species of the Earth, have evolved, albeit at a faster pace than the biologic entities that make up life here.

Flying anomalies of the past, the airships of the 1890s, the flying saucers of the 50s, and UFOs, right up to now, have all assumed a physical shape just one step ahead of what mankind created to fly.


Some suggest that the progenitors of UFOs (aliens or “divinities’) have been using the phenomenon to enlighten humans about the possibilities of flight; namely airfoil designs that enhance lighter-than-air craft.

We pose the possibility that UFOs, whether a figment of the imagination, actual aircraft (from sources yet unknown), or mental stimulations from the creators and/or manipulators of human beings, have evolved according to the theory of Darwin: natural selection (or survival of the fittest).

Early UFOs were depicted or written about as if they were chariots, sometimes astronomical phenomena (suns, comets, meteors, et cetera).



While there was a dearth of UFO sightings during the Enlightenment period [1700s], the resurgence in sightings or visions picked up in the late 1800s.

(That dearth during a period of intellectual stimuli is grist for investigation.)

With the airship mystery at the turn of the century – 1890-1899 – UFOs presented an evolutionary set-back however, since earlier UFOs were more aerodynamic (sleek and futuristic).


(This may be likened to the throwback in the evolution of man, when Neanderthals appeared but couldn’t compete, evolutionarily, with Cro-Magnon man, the first real homo sapiens.)

The lacunae of dynamic UFO sightings, from 1900 to 1947 – there were some but not many – indicates, to us, a re-evaluation of, an adaptation by, the phenomenon.

For what reason or by what instigation is anyone’s guess.

Nonetheless, the UFO phenomenon then progressed through the flying disk stage to the cigar shape and back to the saucer shape before settling on an egg-like configuration in the 1960s.






After that the phenomenon evolved into delta or triangular shapes, some transfiguring into blobs of transient light.



Today [2007] the phenomenon has regressed, in the mind of man or actually, to the 1950/1960 configurations, only a bit less hardware bound or mechanical in appearance.



The natural selection of UFOs became blunted by something in the late 1980s and 1990s. What stymied the evolution is yet to be determined, but it is palpable, if witness reports and authentic video/film are authentic.

We’ll pose an hypothesis, however, upcoming….

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UFOs: What did the government know and when did it know it?


It’s obvious to even the most laggard UFO buff that the United States government and its military (along with a few other countries of the world) has know about and has investigated flying saucers and UFOs since 1947 and maybe before.

The Projects Sign, Grudge, Blue Book, and such entities as the Roberson Panel, plus documents garnered by way of the Freedom of Information Act show, overwhelmingly, that various U.S. agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others, have scrutinized UFO sightings for years, maybe even capturing one of the elusive craft that was once designated “flying disk.”

And aside from the disclaimers, with provisos that the phenomenon, even in its tangible form (flying saucer), posed and poses no threat to the security of this country or any other country, the military continues to seek more from the appearances known as unidentified flying objects (or, in military-speak, unidentified aerial phenomena).

It’s even possible that if a flying disk has ever been downed, the military got their hands on it, and have back-engineered some of the technology that now shows up in Stealth, Aurora, and other esoteric aircraft of the Navy and Air Force.


But where do those possibilities take us?

The United States military constructs would kill to have a threat from interplanetary visitors made obvious. Such a disclosure would guarantee massive funds and a profound imprimatur for an expanded military presence here, and in other countries as well.

Just as the threat of terrorism has brought new agencies into existence, with vast amounts of monies to keep them extant, an alien hostility would do even more.

This is what undercuts the conspiracy theories of UFO fanatics, who think the government and its military adjuncts are holding back UFO information or covering up data and materials that prove an extraterrestrial existence has penetrated Earth’s skies and even its populations.

The militaries of the Earth have always, if history is any guide, conspired, not to be secretive, but to create circumstances and scenarios to enhance their status and prominence – from the time of Alexander (and before) to now, and the Iraq war.


If UFOs (flying saucers) were a threat, ever, no one in the government here or elsewhere has acted with determination.

Yes, there have been incidents, sparse and mostly generated by hysteria (Rendlesham Forest is one, and there are a few others), but none have turned out to be significant within a confrontational military context.


So, as we contend, UFOs are benign, unless one accepts the Jacques Vallee hypothesis that maybe UFOs are corrupting our culture and civilization in abstract or psychological ways.

But that for another time….

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trust No One!


Click here for a paper [PDF] about paranoia in the UFO community (and everywhere!?)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The UFO Quagmire


UFOs are queer, certainly. But the fixation on some UFO stories are even queerer.

For instance, Roswell, and the minutiae of that episode, continue to provide grist for reams of blog detritus (ours included), book deals, conferences, and ongoing back-and-forths, such as that at UFO UpDates currently where David Rudiak, a Roswell junkie, Kevin Randle, and a slew of UFO mavens are re-cogitating what the Ramey photos of the Roswell debris show.


Like the Iraq war, Roswell is an episode from which no one can or has emerged unscathed. Everyone connected to the incident has been vilified, by someone, at some time or other.

And those who keep digging into the muddled affair are sullied, by someone, sometime, or always.

Rudiak, the most imaginative and ingenious of UFO “researchers,” continues to beat the dead horse of Roswell, and is followed in that psychopathic obsession by Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman, and a few other Roswell die-hards.


What ever happened at Roswell, a denouement of the complex circumstances is not in the offing, and even if it were, the UFO phenomenon will not be explained by a Roswell resolution.

It’s time to move away from Roswell, or else, like Vietnam and now Iraq, the whole UFO mystery will be totally done in, if it hasn’t been already; Roswell having made saps of ufologists and other UFO hobbyists from day one.

Yet, there are other UFO incidents that are equally dooming for bona fide UFO investigators.

UFOs are like quarks or strings; they are a palpable but not clearly defined phenomenon, but one that is muddled by corrupt evidence, hare-brained witnesses, and UFO investigators who seek fame and maybe fortune in an arena where education and expertise or scientific disciplines are sorely missing and not necessary, by a long shot.

Zeroing in on the forensics of Roswell, or Rendlesham, or Kenneth Arnold’s misinterpreted observation, plus a hundred or so other UFO sightings and/or landings has proven nothing, nothing except that ufologists are a resilient lot, one with little comprehension of what should be considered or not considered when UFO accounts are proffered.

UFOs may be likened to J. Allen Hynek’s swamp: a muck and mire from which even sure-footed travelers cannot escape by diligent and thoughtful inquiry. The phenomenon is held by and has been held by fringe-terrorists – persons so consumed by their own faith that they provide a daily jihad that has scared off science and reasonable seekers of an answer to the UFO enigma.

But that’s been the way of things, whether it was a Church condemning Giordano Bruno and others for forward thinking, or Muslim fanatics wishing to convert, by force and intimidation, those who would stray from the path they think is the right one.

The blithering obsession with Roswell, MJ-12, the Hill story, the Phoenix lights, or the O’Hare figment have all created a mental and sometimes physical quagmire from which some have not been able to extricate themselves.

And that is why UFOs have remained strangle-held for sixty years.

It’s time to move on.