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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

UFOs: What did the government know and when did it know it?


It’s obvious to even the most laggard UFO buff that the United States government and its military (along with a few other countries of the world) has know about and has investigated flying saucers and UFOs since 1947 and maybe before.

The Projects Sign, Grudge, Blue Book, and such entities as the Roberson Panel, plus documents garnered by way of the Freedom of Information Act show, overwhelmingly, that various U.S. agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others, have scrutinized UFO sightings for years, maybe even capturing one of the elusive craft that was once designated “flying disk.”

And aside from the disclaimers, with provisos that the phenomenon, even in its tangible form (flying saucer), posed and poses no threat to the security of this country or any other country, the military continues to seek more from the appearances known as unidentified flying objects (or, in military-speak, unidentified aerial phenomena).

It’s even possible that if a flying disk has ever been downed, the military got their hands on it, and have back-engineered some of the technology that now shows up in Stealth, Aurora, and other esoteric aircraft of the Navy and Air Force.


But where do those possibilities take us?

The United States military constructs would kill to have a threat from interplanetary visitors made obvious. Such a disclosure would guarantee massive funds and a profound imprimatur for an expanded military presence here, and in other countries as well.

Just as the threat of terrorism has brought new agencies into existence, with vast amounts of monies to keep them extant, an alien hostility would do even more.

This is what undercuts the conspiracy theories of UFO fanatics, who think the government and its military adjuncts are holding back UFO information or covering up data and materials that prove an extraterrestrial existence has penetrated Earth’s skies and even its populations.

The militaries of the Earth have always, if history is any guide, conspired, not to be secretive, but to create circumstances and scenarios to enhance their status and prominence – from the time of Alexander (and before) to now, and the Iraq war.


If UFOs (flying saucers) were a threat, ever, no one in the government here or elsewhere has acted with determination.

Yes, there have been incidents, sparse and mostly generated by hysteria (Rendlesham Forest is one, and there are a few others), but none have turned out to be significant within a confrontational military context.


So, as we contend, UFOs are benign, unless one accepts the Jacques Vallee hypothesis that maybe UFOs are corrupting our culture and civilization in abstract or psychological ways.

But that for another time….