UFO Conjectures

Friday, May 18, 2007

UFOs and Natural Selection


If there is anything that is true about the UFO phenomenon it is the observation that the hallucinated or real crafts seen over the years (from ancient history to today) have, like animated species of the Earth, have evolved, albeit at a faster pace than the biologic entities that make up life here.

Flying anomalies of the past, the airships of the 1890s, the flying saucers of the 50s, and UFOs, right up to now, have all assumed a physical shape just one step ahead of what mankind created to fly.


Some suggest that the progenitors of UFOs (aliens or “divinities’) have been using the phenomenon to enlighten humans about the possibilities of flight; namely airfoil designs that enhance lighter-than-air craft.

We pose the possibility that UFOs, whether a figment of the imagination, actual aircraft (from sources yet unknown), or mental stimulations from the creators and/or manipulators of human beings, have evolved according to the theory of Darwin: natural selection (or survival of the fittest).

Early UFOs were depicted or written about as if they were chariots, sometimes astronomical phenomena (suns, comets, meteors, et cetera).



While there was a dearth of UFO sightings during the Enlightenment period [1700s], the resurgence in sightings or visions picked up in the late 1800s.

(That dearth during a period of intellectual stimuli is grist for investigation.)

With the airship mystery at the turn of the century – 1890-1899 – UFOs presented an evolutionary set-back however, since earlier UFOs were more aerodynamic (sleek and futuristic).


(This may be likened to the throwback in the evolution of man, when Neanderthals appeared but couldn’t compete, evolutionarily, with Cro-Magnon man, the first real homo sapiens.)

The lacunae of dynamic UFO sightings, from 1900 to 1947 – there were some but not many – indicates, to us, a re-evaluation of, an adaptation by, the phenomenon.

For what reason or by what instigation is anyone’s guess.

Nonetheless, the UFO phenomenon then progressed through the flying disk stage to the cigar shape and back to the saucer shape before settling on an egg-like configuration in the 1960s.






After that the phenomenon evolved into delta or triangular shapes, some transfiguring into blobs of transient light.



Today [2007] the phenomenon has regressed, in the mind of man or actually, to the 1950/1960 configurations, only a bit less hardware bound or mechanical in appearance.



The natural selection of UFOs became blunted by something in the late 1980s and 1990s. What stymied the evolution is yet to be determined, but it is palpable, if witness reports and authentic video/film are authentic.

We’ll pose an hypothesis, however, upcoming….