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Friday, June 08, 2007

What’s Happened to MJ-12?


The documents purporting to show a government-instigated “flying saucer” study group, The Majestic Twelve, aka MJ-12, have been put on the ufological back-burner it seems.

The documents -- forgeries some say; actual government issues others say – are, unlike Roswell and every other UFO event, grist for a final determination of authenticity or fakery. But ufologists are unable to conclude one way or the other.

How difficult has it been to either certify the MJ-12 papers or to debunk them?

Well, it seems that the MJ-12 documents are in that ufological limbo where every other UFO episode resides -- and we mean all other UFO episodes.

While one of the main proponents for the authenticity of the MJ-12 sheets, Stanton Friedman, has scrutinized them rather thoroughly, he, and others, have not been able to convince others in the UFO camp that the documents really represent what they say they represent.


And those who think the documents are fakes have not been able to convince Mr. Friedman and others that they are bogus.

This is one of the reasons why UFOs and accoutrements to the phenomenon are looked at askance by science and thoughtful persons: no UFO or UFO-related incident is or has been conclusive, or even circumstantially promising.

If ufologists can’t resolve the MJ-12 material, one understands why they can’t come to any definitive conclusions about UFO sightings, since UFO sightings are of a much more complicated nature than the mundane, although supposedly secret, documentation from the Majestic Twelve group.

MJ-12 isn’t a cold case, by a long shot, having surfaced in 1984. And forensics could be applied to the content only, since the originals have never been available and only photographs and copies have circulated.

Our point is that if ufology’s most “expert” members can’t clear up the MJ-12 conundrum, how can anyone hope that those same “experts” will provide an answer to the UFO enigma.

They can’t, and they haven’t. That’s why the UFO mystery remains just that: a mystery.


N.B. Wikipedia has a complete entry about MJ-12 which can be seen here:


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Stonehenge Flying Saucer


While there are many theories explaining (or trying to) the Stonehenge megaliths and site, an almost obvious interpretation is that the initial creators of Stonehenge (circa 8000 B.C.) were emulating the craft that brought them or provided “supplies” to them, much in the way that the Cargo Cult peoples emulated World War II aircraft they had seen delivering supplies in the Pacific.



Just as the Akkadian peoples and Egyptian scribes depicted the gods who provided them with cultural artifacts, the Stonehenge creators did the same, but in a more realistic and tangible way, with a construction that duplicated the craft they were familiar with.


Stonehenge’s evolution has been dynamic, with the original site comprised of large stones, ground cover, earthworks, and vegetation insertions that duplicated “flying saucers.”


At some point, later than 3000 B.C., the heft and importance of the craft or “saucers” that interacted with the British Isles people were simulated by megaliths that everyone identifies with Stonehenge.


If exact dates could be determined for construction variables, those could be compared with UFO sightings for the same time periods, which would help serious ufological anthropologists, perhaps, with proof of alien visitations that came in waves.

S. Shklovskii’s contention, in his book with co-author Carl Sagan, Intelligent Life in the Universe [Dell, NY, 1966] that there was an extraterrestrial visitation in and around Sumeria 10,000 years ago, as suggested by Soviet ethnologist M. M. Agrest, is supplemented with von Daniken-like assertions that many extraterrestrial visitation took place for periods before and after 10,000 B.C.

Stonehenge represents at least one of those visitations and very likely many visitations since the Stonehenge construct was imaginatively updated from about 10,000 B.C. (as some scholars date the beginnings of Stonehenge) to 1600 B.C. when further elaboration of the site seemed to stop.

The history of the British Isles, including the legend of King Arthur, is replete with strange occurrences that bespeak of visitations by advanced or superior cultures, well before the Roman invasions of the common era (circa 43 A.D.).


But it is the Stonehenge repository that creates, more specifically than any other site, anywhere else in the world, including the ancient AmerIndian cultures or Egyptian civilizations, a replication that depicts, dramatically, the vehicles that transported alien galactic cultures to Earth.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

UFOs, Bigfoot, and Nessie

It should strike some who engage in fringeology that the various phenomena indicated by our title above are without concrete actualization.

With all the technical equipment extant, and some going back to the early 1800s (photography), no UFO, no Bigfoot (although we like the Patterson film), and no Loch Ness serpent (even allowing for the current eel video) has been verified by such equipment.

UFOs have been photographed, but not one photo or video has provided absolute or even circumstantial proof that the thing photographed is a substantial phenomenon that requires the scrutiny of science.

The amorphous UFO situation has left the phenomenon to persons without scientific credentials; men and women who, because of a lack of academic disciplines that apply, accept the evanescence of UFOs as a kind of reality worthy of their time and efforts.


The same is true of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti.


The Loch Ness appearances have also been photographed (and witnessed) by scores of people. But not one photograph or video brings the observations into the arena of reality.


Nessie is as elusive as ever, along with her wooded companion, Bigfoot, and her aerial counterpart, UFOs.

There are no photographs of the Roswell flyover or crash, just some controversial debris that continues to spark debate among the fringers.

There is no video or photograph of the recent O’Hare sighting, and cameras were all over the place the day that UFO allegedly showed up.

No corroborating pictures of Patterson’s Bigfoot, before or since.

No unblurry, authentic pictures of Nessie., then or now.

And cameras, as we’ve noted have been around for 200 years, with a gazillion photographs, of everything under the sun, virtually all of them distinguishable as the thing captured.

But not UFOs, or Nessie, or Bigfoot.

So why do fringers persist?

The obsession with these creatures and aerial phenomena cannot be explained by scientific curiosity, because scientists, actual ivory-tower academics, are not, as a rule, curious about the things named here.

So what causes persons, a few not totally insane, to incur the loss of their short-lived existences by pursuing these transient and/or fictitious entities?

Well, we could trot out our usual etiology of psychosis, but that would be too easy or glib, and wouldn’t account for the few quasi-rational persons (James McDonald, John Mack, Donald Keyhoe, Loren Coleman, Jerome Clark, et alii) who’ve explored the phenomena named here.

There has to be something else at work, something that spurs a small group of human beings to give up a rational life for the life of a societal outsider, persons who don’t care about the plight of Darfurians, or how the war in Iraq is going, or how many people are dying of AIDs or cancer, et cetera.

We’ve taken on the personalities in the UFO community elsewhere. Maybe it’s time to seek the smoking gun that creates the UFO, Bigfoot, Nessie fringers rather than spending time trying to understand what the reality of UFOs, Bigfoot, and Nessie is.

The point may be that it’s the human mind we’re supposed to be fathoming, not the phenomena named here. They (UFOs, Bigfoot, and Nessie) are symbols that are supposed to drive us to find out why the minds of some are afflicted by such intangibles.

And when we find out why some are so easily distracted and existentially remote, then maybe we’ll have achieved an evolutionary thrust that moves man from nonsense to meaningful purpose.