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Friday, June 08, 2007

What’s Happened to MJ-12?


The documents purporting to show a government-instigated “flying saucer” study group, The Majestic Twelve, aka MJ-12, have been put on the ufological back-burner it seems.

The documents -- forgeries some say; actual government issues others say – are, unlike Roswell and every other UFO event, grist for a final determination of authenticity or fakery. But ufologists are unable to conclude one way or the other.

How difficult has it been to either certify the MJ-12 papers or to debunk them?

Well, it seems that the MJ-12 documents are in that ufological limbo where every other UFO episode resides -- and we mean all other UFO episodes.

While one of the main proponents for the authenticity of the MJ-12 sheets, Stanton Friedman, has scrutinized them rather thoroughly, he, and others, have not been able to convince others in the UFO camp that the documents really represent what they say they represent.


And those who think the documents are fakes have not been able to convince Mr. Friedman and others that they are bogus.

This is one of the reasons why UFOs and accoutrements to the phenomenon are looked at askance by science and thoughtful persons: no UFO or UFO-related incident is or has been conclusive, or even circumstantially promising.

If ufologists can’t resolve the MJ-12 material, one understands why they can’t come to any definitive conclusions about UFO sightings, since UFO sightings are of a much more complicated nature than the mundane, although supposedly secret, documentation from the Majestic Twelve group.

MJ-12 isn’t a cold case, by a long shot, having surfaced in 1984. And forensics could be applied to the content only, since the originals have never been available and only photographs and copies have circulated.

Our point is that if ufology’s most “expert” members can’t clear up the MJ-12 conundrum, how can anyone hope that those same “experts” will provide an answer to the UFO enigma.

They can’t, and they haven’t. That’s why the UFO mystery remains just that: a mystery.


N.B. Wikipedia has a complete entry about MJ-12 which can be seen here: