UFO Conjectures

Monday, June 11, 2007

UFOs are not cool


We’ve addressed, elsewhere, why science ignores UFOs, but what about the general public?

Although UFO hobbyists continue to cite Gallup polls showing that many persons think UFOs are real and some have actually reported seeing one at some time or another, the vast majority of persons here in the United States and abroad shy away from the topic. It’s not cool to talk about UFOs or admit to knowing anything about them.

And the younger generation, generally, does not care about UFOs. What do UFOs have to do with being hip or trendy?

UFOs are for kooks and weirdos, as media sees it, and bloggers, who are not into the subject, report UFOs as a joke usually.

Ufologists (to use the term that identify UFO mavens and give them, they think, street cred) have been inept, that’s a given; they’ve botched the topic with internecine squabbling and self-glorification, but mostly by treating the phenomenon cavalierly, while pretending to study it seriously.

Also, when outsiders (and even insiders) scrutinize web-sites, blogs, and sites that pertain to UFOs (such as Rense or UFO UpDates), they are struck by the lack of humor (real humor) or wit.

And the subject matter is often beclouded by pedantry or obscure insights to UFO minutiae.

Some bloggers are sexist, narcissistic, and self-aggrandizing.

Others are so far out that they are unreadable.

Even the sensible web-sites (Black Vault is one) are shunned because no one, outside the UFO community, will admit to having an interest in UFOs, They don’t want to be excoriated by their peers.

And this situation is not going to improve. The UFO phenomenon has been tainted from 1947 on, and that taint was exacerbated by so-called contactees of the 1950s, that bizarre bunch who claimed to have been taken aboard flying saucers and transported to places and planets that turned out, after astronomical study, to be nothing like what they purported to have seen.

Then the alleged abductees, who say they’ve been kidnapped by UFO occupants and medically examined (which may or may not be true), cause rational persons to lift Spock-like eyebrows to express incredulity.

So even baby-boomers, who are far from cool themselves, will have nothing to do with UFOs.

And teens or the 20 to 30 year-olds, who stroke the culture, won’t even acknowledge UFOs or anything peripherally related for fear of being called a dweeb, nerd, or geek.

Moreover, even those of us who are steeped in the UFO culture, like a person who’s alcoholic or homosexual, will never admit to our “disease.” It’s embarrassing.

Thus, UFOs will remain a non-topic for the present generation. And those who still linger in the UFO milieu? Well, they’ll have to continue to hide their identities and addiction. It’s just not cool to believe in UFOs.