UFO Conjectures

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and UFOs

The Universe is comprised, primarily, of materials and forces that are hidden from view. These hidden elements are assumed by their effect on things that can be seen or detected. Some have also been theoretically intuited.


UFOs -- real UFOs – could also be detected by the very science that perceives the hidden Universe; that is, UFOs may be evidenced by their effect on things that they have been overwhelmingly attracted to: aircraft, military installations, swamps, and lonely travelers on the road.

UFOs as visualized or photographed entities have proven to be ephemeral and evanescent.


Hidden UFOs, on the other hand, would be attractive to physicists who thrive upon things which are not tangible, such as quantum particles, light waves, and strings.


If, for instance, a person goes into an ADD trance or affects a ponderous pedantry, one can hypothesize that they’ve been or are in the vicinity of a hidden UFO.

If an airplane goes off course or has a near-crash, one can conjecture that the plane was visited by a UFO.


Of course, there would be no physical remnants to investigate or examine, but that hasn’t stopped ufologists before, and it doesn’t stop theoretical physicists from arriving at their certitudes.

If a blob of light or gleaming object in the sky is not evidence for “flying saucers,” then surely the occasional vibrations or eerie feelings that one experiences are proof that UFOs are near, just as the perturbation of galaxies and star clusters are proof that dark matter or dark energy has intervened.

The one area where the presence of the hidden UFOs might prove worthwhile is during those alleged abduction cases which, if the abductees (or experiencers) were trained to note the details, could certainly verify that UFOs exist, even though they are not available to the senses in an overt way.

The problem is that ufologists don’t have the skills or training that physicists have, so those hidden UFOs will continue to go undetected, while the meaningless visible UFOs will still get all the attention.

But our suggestion here might spur further research into the hidden realm of UFOs.

We certainly hope so…