UFO Conjectures

Monday, June 18, 2007

Too many UFO chefs (not chiefs!)

The old saw that too many chefs spoil the broth applies to the UFO kitchen.

Everyone has an opinion nowadays, but in the UFO community everyone thinks they’re an expert. And hypotheses are a thick as a swarm of flies on a cow-pie.

This was the problem when “flying saucers” became mainstream in the 1950s and the situation has worsened exponentially ever since, so that now, in 2007, everyone, and we mean everyone, thinks they have some expertise when it comes to UFOs.

The so-called debunkers (such as Donald Menzel, Phil Klass, The Amazing Randi, and James Oberg) thought, and think to this day, that UFOs are just puff.

The believers (and they are too many to name, but you know who they are) think UFOs are the be-all and end-all of everything that one lives for.

But it’s the “experts” who hold sawy over the UFO phenomenon, and they’ve done a disservice to the enigma, by their inordinate sniping and errant conjectures about the mysterious “things” that have been seen sporadically for thousands of years and very much so in the modern era.

The clutter of nonsense about UFOs have diminished the validity of some conjectural opinions, which are interesting (Jung’s, Keyhoe’s, Vallee’s).

This clutter, from the fringe elements of society and even the fringes of the UFO community, can’t be stomped out. It is exacerbated by UFO web-sites and lists where almost anyone with a view, no matter how nonsensical, gets a hearing….if they play by the fascistic rules of the moderators.

A suggestion by us, at a science-oriented web-site, sponsored by a prestigious science magazine, that some scientists should look at the UFO “evidence,” was met by a “we’ve got better things to think about” and “those UFO nuts make my skin crawl” (among other epithetical remarks).

This categorical distancing is not just from some smug physicists and scientists but from even those who appear to have open minds about things in this world and universe which are strange, even stranger than UFOs.

It’s the “crap” that true UFO experts allow to pass, or which they often even take time to comment about that has produced the stink that pervades the UFO panoply.

Of course there’s no way to curb the nonsense. It’s way too late for that. But perhaps, when the old UFO guard passes, a new crop of “ufologists” may be able to take up the UFO riddle and invest it with some credibility.

Until then, however, don’t hold your breath; just hold your nose.