UFO Conjectures

Monday, June 25, 2007

Desperation in the UFO Camp


A pilot sighting of a meteorological event over the United Kingdom has UFO hobbyists gaga:


Like the O’Hare “sighting” last November [2006], this observation has UFO believers drooling or frothing at the mouth.

But, as usual, there is nothing more than an observation of something unusual, and paltry circumstantial evidence which doesn’t exactly show that the pilot glimpsed an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

At the 60th anniversary of the (in)famous Kenneth Arnold sighting near Mt. Rainer and the Roswell episode(s), with nothing at all proven about UFOs from those events and many others since, ufologists and UFO mavens are chomping at the bit to re-invigorate the subject, grasping at any straw that resembles an unknown flying object.

The UFO community consists of older gents and ladies, plus a few younger geeks, none of whom has the strength or wherewithal to spur science, the military, the government, or media to take UFOs seriously.

Thus, the rabid enthusiasm for anything that smacks of a legitimate UFO sighting, even when that sighting is obviously prosaic.

The internet has spread the UFO phenomenon thin; too much input with too little substantive progress in resolving the enigmatic and transient “flying saucers.”

So all we have are a bunch of hyperventilating geezers rehashing old sightings and pumping up newer sightings, even those that are clearly not alien space vehicles.

This misplaced fervor should put the nail in the UFO coffin, finally.