UFO Conjectures

Monday, July 09, 2007

Far From the Madding [UFO] Crowd


To maintain a semblance of rationality – even sanity – one has to eschew UFO web-sites, web-logs (blogs), and the UFO community itself.

The madness that afflicts human beings on occasion is rife in the UFO world.

That’s why science and academe refuse to get embroiled in any discussion of UFOs, flying saucers, or related accoutrements; the topic is hounded by, circumlocuted by, persons who, for all intents and purposes, are not mentally well.

(We name the craziest and sickest at our UFO web-site.)

Anyone outside academia or the scientific community who is interested in UFOs would do well to avoid such UFO sites as rense.com or UFO lists, such as UFO UpDates, where the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Black Vault is a reputable site to browse but, again, true intellectuals will avoid it, only because of the taint that UFOs get from less credible UFO venues.

Mingling with the UFO crowd has the tendency to infect thoughtful persons, like hysteria does to neurotically inclined individuals; reasonable people become addled by association with the UFO nuts, mainly because UFO maniacs want to destroy reason and scrutiny of their adopted topic out of fear that the whole fraudulent UFO edifice might come crashing down if it’s examined too closely, by serious investigators and researchers of the strange things that occasionally intrude on humankind.

There are thoughtful “ufologists” (as they call themselves) and they too are named at our UFO web-site.

We don’t present a cursory glimpse at the UFO wackos . We actually provide a perusal, with documentation, about many who’ve sneaked into the UFO community only because membership is not scrutinized as it is in proper and legitimate enterprises.

For those who don’t give a fig about whom their associates are, visit every UFO site you can find, and support the ones that you think are worthwhile, but be forewarned: you may come away nuttier than a fruitcake in the process.