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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Navy-man's view of Black Ops and UFOs

This is an e-mail to us, with a link to a blog that visitors here should find interesting:


I laugh out loud every time I read all the Area 51 idiots talking on the web forums and discussing all the black ops the Air Force is involved in.

I am retired Navy and I learned a long time ago from some fairly high ranking officers one thing. F*cking Air Farce [sic] can't keep a secret. Ever since what ever went down around Roswell and else where ,when they ran right out and told the world and everybody had to backtrack and cover the dumbsh*t's asses, the USAF has never been privy to jack sh*t of real importance or secrecy.

EVERYTHING has been under the control of the Navy Department. There is so much money buried in Navy's budget that nobody even questions it. Hell most of the over runs on ship construction is actually funds siphoned off for other secret ops. Everybody bitch's and there is an "investigation" maybe a fine but the same companies still keep getting contracts and nobody says a thing. It is a game.Who built Greenbriar? The Navy. Who maintains all the embassy's around the world? The Navy.Who maintains Camp David? The Navy. We all know how screwed up the army corps of engineers are. There are no looky loo's sitting on mountains around NAS China Lake. No bozos, sitting in boats off San Nicholas Island off the coast of California either. NAS Adak Alaska sure has a lot of activity for a base that is closed. Nice long runway and hangars still being maintained.

I will give you a link to a web site that discusses a 1 BILLION dollar construction contract awarded by the Navy. Read the article and back track on the company's, the directors of the company's and the sub contractors involved. If you find a person's name or a subsidiary "google" it. Guys remember the Navy has closed a boatload of bases recently, Adak.Alaska ,Iceland, Puerto Rico, are closed ,Gitmo mostly has no personnel. Why the contingency planning. The Navy has the Seabees's who do this for the Navy (I was one). They have even approved adding another Seabee battalion to the active fleet at a time when they are decommissioning ships and squadrons. So why the Billion dollar contract? LOOK at what the other contracts the companies that are involved in this one also have. It will make you go Hmmm?


Oh and could you please send me the password to your papers? It you do, I'll let you see my blog about an incident that happened to me.

Heck I'll show you now:


Tim Ritchie