UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A UFO sighting here, a UFO sighting there. Who cares?


A few newspapers (most foreign publications), and some UFO web-sites or blogs continue to report UFO sightings.

But seeing a UFO doesn’t bring the “objects” down to Earth. The phenomenon remains and has remained elusive, despite thousands of sightings over the years.

One ufologist (Brad Sparks) insists that a thorough perusal of the United States Air Force archives of flying saucer accounts will bear fruit. How so?


What if those old AF files do show – as some well-publicized accounts already have – that something tangibly strange has invaded the skies over America and elsewhere?

Where does that take us? Where has it taken us?

Science won’t get involved in the UFO brouhaha, and ufologists have resorted to internecine sniping out of boredom with the enigma.

(See UFO UpDates for egregious examples of the squabbling.)

What is grist for study is the psychological and/or sociological parameters of the UFO community. Mental instabilities and deviant behavior is rampant in UFO circles.

(See Rense.com and UFO UpDates for examples.)

And grammarians will find a plethora of teeth-gritting errors by UFO writers and commentators, even some who are published authors.

(See UFO UpDates for many errors of spelling and punctuation – not typos but actual repeated errors such as putting quote marks inside periods, like this: He’s a bona fide “ufologist”.)

While UFOs continue to elude conclusivity, those who’ve adopted them as a life-style offer reams of study about the deviant and even criminal mind.

(We’ve provided the names and “crimes” of the more blatant perpetrators elsewhere, as some of you know.)

For examples of minor dementia, seek out the inserts from UFO buffs by Error Bruce-Knapp, the moderator at UFO UpDates, a mail list, where several guys and a few women pontificate insanely and get full run of Mr. Bruce-Knapp’s venue.


These people have carte blanche at UpDates, which makes obvious the need for moderators and editors who have enough good sense to monitor their venues so that UFOs keep the spotlight rather than the crazies who’ve adopted the phenomenon to assuage their mental and existential deficiencies

Sure, scientists will eschew such sites as UpDates and Rense or the anonymous responses at UFO blogs, but those who delve into human behavior and mental illness are remiss by doing so.

The panoply of behavioral malfeasance is on display in spades at UFO emporiums in ways like no other.

To ignore the psychological sicknesses endemic to the UFO mystery is a greater disservice to science than the continuing shunning of UFOs themselves,

After all, what is more important, a strange light or object in the sky or persons who are on the brink of psychopathic mayhem?