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Friday, August 10, 2007

Roswell and Socorro were balloons, that’s certain!


A search of military and NASA archives easily provides the material that “proves” the Roswell incident, Socorro sighting, and other (in)famous UFO sightings were and are the result of military (Navy and Air Force particularly) tests of various balloon types.


The Moby Dick and Intrepid tests of the middle and late forties explain Roswell and the Stratoscope LI program and the Stargazer program of the early and mid-1960s explain Socorro and other UFO incidents.



Richard Hall played down our assumptions when we first presented them a few years ago, and why?


Mr. Hall has devoted himself to UFOs for many, many years, and his ego won’t allow him to acknowledge his errant and incomplete research for all those years.

The cavalier and half-hearted, belief-oriented studies by Hall, Friedman, Rudiak, and others were and are obviously going to be defended by those men, but that’s a psychological problem, more than a problem of lazy methodology.

A perusal of the balloon archives shows conclusively that Roswell, Socorro and other “sightings” are prosaic, but UFO believers who’ve devoted their lives to mistaken analyses can’t and won’t accept the proof.


Bona fide (credible) UFO researchers who want the balloon archive list can request it via e-mail, and we’ll provide it.

Exegeses of the specific incidents can be found at our UFO web-site and this site: