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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Good Ufologists


Harping on the mendacious ufologists doesn’t preclude us from lauding those in the UFO and arcane communities whom we (and you) can trust implicitly, unquestionably.

We’ve had dealings with the major ufologists and paranormalists over the years and those on the periphery of both, and these are the people we know to be totally ethical and moral in thought and deed.

We may miss a name or two here initially but, over all, if you don’t see a name of a person who shows up prominently in the UFO and/or paranormal world, you can assume we think they are without merit, as researchers or human beings.

(We cite the reprobates elsewhere, as we’ve noted in a previous post.)

So, here are those we know to be decent and true in their writings, dealings with others, and life generally….(in no particular order):

Stanton Friedman, Jerry Clark, Kevin Randle, Nick Pope, John Greenewald, Jr.

Frank Warren, Stuart Miller, Jan Aldrich, Bruce Duensing, Joseph Capp

Nick Redfern, Loren Coleman, Patrick Huyghe, Rick Stokes, Jenny Randles

Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Denver Page, Joe Harvat, and Jacques Vallee

(There are some in the UFO and paranormal camp with whom we’ve had no communication or dealings so they owuldn’t be listed here or elsewhere, but the famous and not-so-famous persons who show up on UFO UpDates and in other popular venues are persons we have had contact with, and we don’t consider them trustworthy for many reasons, which are explained elsewhere in the RRRGroup panoply of web-sites and blogs.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

PiggyBacking on UFOs


Some UFO mavens investigate and ruminate on the UFO mystery; a few actually research the enigma, and have for many years.

There are individuals who propose far-out ideas and hypotheses, and considered anathema by their UFO peers. That’s expected in the rough and tumble world of UFOs where ego is everything.

Then there are the parasites and sycophants who pilfer material from others for their blogs and web-sites, pretending they are actively serving the UFO community.

And of course there are those who do nothing but cavil about the endeavors of others who are enchanted by the UFO phenomenon.


UFO researchers – the serious ones – are in a world all their own, consumed by UFOs and related issues.

More about this elsewhere.....