UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Friedman Factor


Stan Friedman is the face of ufology and the UFO phenomenon itself.

And this has not been a good thing, although we love the guy.

Mr. Friedman has kept the Roswell debacle alive for 30 years now and his defense of MJ-12 has been and continues to be another thorn in the side of serious UFO researchers.

Media worships Friedman, because he’s articulate and visibly knowledgeable, even though UFO insiders know that Stan Friedman’s views are fraught with wheat and chaff and he has failed to separate them in a meaningful way.

And keeping Roswell on the UFO front burner, along with the bogus raft of MJ-12 documents has had the most deleterious effect on UFO investigation and sensible media coverage than any other aspects of the UFO mystery.

Mr. Friedman has a professorial demeanor, and this has given him cachet with media and many UFO mavens.

But he has been and is wrong, about Roswell, and MJ-12. He also has been an avid researcher, but only to bolster or confirm his views and beliefs; he isn’t an objective truth-seeker, although his pursuit of the UFO truth has been seriously maintained – just wrong-headed.

Stan Friedman – not by anything he has done directly himself – has pulled the spotlight and media or scientific scrutiny away from other “ufologists” who are and have been more rational and more objective about the UFO conundrum: Clark, Randall, Vallee, Aldrich, to name a few.

Stan Friedman has made UFOs his career and source of living, and that is no lame feat. Others would have liked to capitalize on the phenomenon as much as he has (Richard Hall for one) but they don’t have the pull with media that Friedman has, and Stan is not to be faulted for that.

He’s been a willing partner in the media charade about UFOs, giving media and the scientific community a seemingly coherent and sane view about the elusive phenomenon.

But his influence and sway has been the worst thing that could have happened to ufology. It locked UFOs into a stasis of semi-serious study of things that have nothing to do with the real phenomenon.

And Stan’s hypothesis of a “cosmic Watergate” – while a great sound byte that media adores – has created a backlash among scientists and politicos who eschew conspiracy theories at their very premise.

Media created Stan Friedman, and media continues to use him for their own purposes. That’s not his fault, but his complicity, to maintain a livelihood, has not been good for ufology, or those damnable UFOs either.