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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roswell Redux

Here is a 1984 “In Search Of” segment about Roswell that includes Jesse Marcel talking about his part in the military cover-up of the incident.

What’s interesting is that Marcel undercuts the UFO metal stories by saying “it couldn’t be bent” (while other witnesses have stated how the recovered metal, when folded, would resume its original shape).

And the distance from Roswell where the UFO (or UFOs) crashed seems much further than current accounts have it.

Also, Peter Gersten presents an FBI document from the period that seems to confirm the Mogul balloon explanation.

Military Cover-Up of UFO Sightings

Here is a 1984 “In Search Of” segment with Peter Gersten and Ray Fowler talking about the military cover-up of UFO sightings.

(An Air Force spokesman presents the military view.)