UFO Conjectures

Friday, September 28, 2007

UFO Disinformation Agents?

History is replete with double agents and Machiavellian mischief-makers, so why would ufology be devoid of similar practitioners of the art of deception?

Yes, ufology is steeped in conspiracy hypotheses, and always has been.

But lately the topic of disinformation agents is rampant, ubiquitous in the UFO community.

So, let us suggest some possibilities that UFO mavens would do well to consider, perhaps...

What if Stanton Friedman, a former government lackey, was recruited to take ufologists to Roswell and the MJ-12 scenarios to keep them from the real UFO truth?

Friedman’s zeal for Roswell and MJ-12 is way out of proportion to the whole UFO panoply, and his obsession with those two interrelated UFO episodes is just a bit too lopsided for a person who seeks the truth, the real truth, about the UFO mystery.

And then there is Richard Hall, a guy affiliated with UFOs and government for decades; a man who chastises as often as he can anyone who proposes alternative theories about the UFO enigma, he also zeroing in sightings and incidents that are destined to unfocus attention on intriguing elements of the whole UFO riddle.

Kevin Randle, who has been pro and con about Roswell, has muddied the waters for years with his “indecisiveness” – and he’s a member of the U.S. military.

Jerome Clark has the patina of an objective UFO researcher but he, like Hall, goes after alternative UFO hypotheses just as rabidly as debunkers like Phillip Klass, and to what end? To support questionable sightings like Socorro, taking researchers away from real UFO incidents?

How about Bruce Maccabee, who is affiliated with the Navy (the one U.S. military construct with UFO interests that have been overt and covert since 1947 and earlier)?

Maccabee is always quick to support, with seemingly “scientific” analyses, sightings that appear bogus to objective investigators, causing a rift in any straight line to the UFO truth.

And one can’t ignore the mish-mash provided by Canadian Errol Bruce-Knapp, whose UFO mailing list has done much to degrade the UFO discussion, by allowing quidnuncs a forum where they can make ufology seem as crazy as any psychotic endeavor.

What’s the intent and purpose of EBK’s carefully controlled presentation of certain UFO ideas and positions, other than to confuse the topic with the ramblings of many who would divert dialogue of a meaningful kind?

Another disruptor is Rense, whose anti-Semitic broadsides make ufology an outcast for any serious UFO investigator or scientist.

In England there are Clarke, Roberts, McGonagle and others who keep ufologists off-balance with their discursive and often insinuating posturings. To what purpose, really?

For those who think Bob Lazar and Doty, or any other bizarre UFO story-teller, are the culprits who’ve distorted the UFO truth, they’d do better to question the motivations and agendas of some in the UFO community who’ve insinuated themselves so deeply in the phenomenon, many with government or military associations, that their place at the UFO table is suspect, at least to those of us who take conspiracy theories somewhat seriously.